Friday, January 13, 2012

Living Fine Everyday

I have 10 tips for living "fine" everyday. Remember the "Fine Living Network"? I don't think they have it anymore. They changed it to "Wealth" or some such thing. It got even more pretentious than it was. I liked "Fine Living" better, because you don't have to be wealthy to live well. I believe that we all should live well everyday. How that looks is up to each of us.
I don't know what has happened to the word "fancy"? Nobody really uses that word anymore. 

Now, I find myself saying high-end instead of fancy. If Bill says fancy he is usually being sarcastic. I remember when we had fancy dishes, linens and silver for company. I have good china and it very rarely gets used. What a shame. (I think I will use it tonight!)
I had some favorite fancy things when I was little. One was my gold stretch bracelet with a heart. I also had a cute dalmatian pin. My sister and I love collecting and wearing our pins. Back then I could only wear my jewelry to church. I am sure I was also sporting my black or white patent leather shoes. I even had a pair that required a shoe hook. I'm sure I just dated myself with that. I still have a thing for black patent leather shoes. 

I remember when we were cleaning out my grandparent's house. My grandmother had boxes of new nighties just stacked in the attic. I guess she was saving them for a special occasion, but that special day never came.
My husband's grandmother, on the other hand, used her fine things. I cleaned out her house when she went to assisted living. The estate sale man didn't really buy much because there was very little that was not chipped or cracked. She used her wonderful things. That is how I want my stuff to look. I don't want to be a new pajamas stacked in the attic type of girl. 

So here are some things I do to live fine all the time:

1. The sterling silver shell (spoon) is always in the sugar bowl. (The rest of the service may not get used all the time, but I see something from it everyday.)

2. I fix coffee house coffee everyday. There are so many cheater recipes online. Plus it is sooooo much cheaper. I'm sorry about the amount of o's in so, but I had to get my point across.

3. I have a cloth on the table all the time. Initially it was to protect the table top, but I love how it looks and feels to dine with a tablecloth. Your thing could be placements, but the idea is the same. The table cloth thing has been the bane of my family's existence because invariably they spill on a fresh cloth. Sometimes we even use cloth napkins and napkin rings. 

4. I have a centerpiece on the table all year and I rotate it for the seasons. No pushing the mail aside to eat. 

5. We light candles during dinner. Okay, they are lanterns. Okay we just started this since all the kids moved out, but I love it. 

Most of the above is assuming you eat at the table. You should. At least some of the time although I love eating in front of the T.V. 

6. Having a cup of tea or coffee in one of the good cups is such a treat. 

7.  I wear my jewelry. It doesn't just sit.

8. Get the best sheets you can afford. Bill and I got Peacock Alley sheets at Tuesday Morning. They are soft and wonderful. They were double what they would have cost at Walmart, about the same as Bed, Bath and Beyond, but they are so worth it. I'm resisting the urge to add more o's to my so. 

9. Make the bed everyday! It feels restful to come home to a pretty bed. 

It appears I only have 9. I'm sure I have more ideas rattling around in my Ginkgo deprived brain. 
I will share them with you as I remember them. 

Did you know that the name of this blog is an accident? Rebekah and I were playing around with names and she accidentally hit the save button. I would not have chosen it, because it is not a food blog.  It was serendipitous because I love to sprinkle my life with wonderful things.
Sprinkle yours with something fine,

Photos are mine or freebies.  

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  1. I make my bed everyday as well. Put away the hangers from the close I'm wearing that day. I love coming home to a house that's uncluttered with the mundane.