Saturday, January 14, 2012

Holiday Weekend Makeover Project

It is a holiday weekend, so I have three days of blogging and posts to come up with. Now that I have tried my hand at painting cabinetry to pretty satisfactory results and I still have the supplies, I think I will try my hand at the dish dresser. Mr. Bill made the dish dresser in 1988 or so. It was one of his first furniture attempts and I have always loved it and cherished it. It was in style in the 80's. We were rocking the country, shaker look. It is based on the style of hunt boards or dish dressers. That is what I have always called it. It isn't a shelf or a hutch even though it could be.
But here is the dilemma. I love it but the color of the stain is very outdated. We stained it in the stain of the day and it matched the dining room table my dad made in the 50's or 60's. Her is a close up of the stain.

Now these two pieces are not even in the same room. Bill was okay with giving it away. I don't want to do that, because I think she can have a second life. This piece was supposed to be in our breakfast room, but we don't have a wall for it, so it is in the garden room where it gets seasonal displays.
Here it was last spring during my lemon period.

The bowl of lemons was not supposed to sit there but this pup kept stealing the fake lemons and hiding them under the deck.

Who Me?

                She is much better about that now. She hasn't stolen a pine cone at all this winter. 
At least not that I know of. 

Here is my quandry. Do I go with a distressed white finish or should I paint it black? 

Here is the other furniture in the room. The settee was at my grandparents lake house. 
The spool cabinet I got at a garage sale, same thing with the French cane chair. They were both 5 bucks.
The trunk belonged to my brother. The ice cream table was a freebie from one of my co-workers. 
(I love that little table to pieces.) Oh and the painting was a watercolor I found at a garage sale. It is a copy of picture found in the old "Victoria" magazine. I recognized it immediately because that has always been my favorite publication. The oil lamp was my parents. 

White would be cute. I have "pinned" at least a dozen white furniture shots on Pinterest. 
Black would be cute because I have so many black accents in that room.

I will keep you posted with a finished shot of my weekend project. 
Sprinkled with paint,

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  1. Tough decision, either one would work. If you are going to leave it where it is, black would stand out better against the bricks.