Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pumpkins For St. Patty's Day

What in the world is the deal with people and their pumpkins? 
I keep seeing pumpkins on my way to work and it is almost St. Patrick's Day. Is there some tradition I don't know about involving a spring pumpkin? Maybe he who keeps the pumpkin the longest gets a prize? I don't think there can be any prize involved with a rotten pumpkin sitting on your porch. I don't usually carve mine and they are past their prime at Thanksgiving.
 Pet Peeve Alert!  
Seriously, when you get your Christmas decor out, out goes the pumpkin in the trash. I have seen people set the snowman next to the pumpkin. Is this just me? Does it bug you too?
 I took some pictures as I was whizzing by some houses around town.
Above is a wheel barrow full of fall produce. It was really cute but.... now it is getting moldy. 
I understand that pumpkins cost good money. I  mean I am frugal, but I would not attempt to save a pumpkin. It really is one of those decorating elements that doesn't transition to another season. Sorry people the pumpkin is no pinecone. 
A few years ago I saw a cute pumpkin display in a yard. There were several sitting on a bale of hay. I saw it for months and months and months. It sat there so long that the hay started to sprout.  The pumpkin rotted until it was just a puddle of mush. Ironically enough, I drove by the next spring and there was a pumpkin vine sprouting out of the now black and moldy hale bale. The bale of hay finally just disintegrated into the yard. I don't think they have attempted this type of display again. 
I hope at least they got a pumpkin from that vine. 
I have thought about starting a society. The Society for Responsible Seasonal Decorating. 
S.R.S.D. We would have a slogan which I will share at the end of the post. 
There would have to be tenants to this society. 
The Christmas wreath should come down before the first snow drop blooms.
The Resurection Sunday adversisement should not really still be there in June, July and August. (I have seen this.) It's probably still there.
The scarecrow is not really a year round decorating element, (at least not as far as I know?) My neighbors wanted me to run across the street and push it over so we would not have to see the shabby (and not in a good way) scarecrow. I didn't want to get arrested for a run by scarecrowing. They finally moved, so no more scarecrow!
And the big giant Easter eggs must be removed before you have your first pool party of summer. 

For those of you who are old enough, do you remember the old Glamour magazine? It had a do's and don'ts section. They took pictures of women wearing fashion don'ts.  For some reason I was always afraid that I would find myself in that magazine. =/
I thought about that today as I snapped another out of season pumpkin photo. So... throw your pumpkins away! 
Don't let this be you.

  I don't know why I notice these things as I am driving. I wish I didn't.  I am very visual so maybe it is just part of that. 
I hope you know that I am kidding.
But as I go, the slogan for my society.
Please Decorate Responsibly!

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Have a wonderful Thursday. Hope you enjoyed your leap day.


  1. Bugs the heck out of me too! I want to go throw them in the trash for those people!!

  2. Sorry people the pumpkin is no pinecone. Cracked me up!