Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reworked chicken wire cloche

I found a terrarium several years ago at an decorator outlet. I kept it outside on my baker's rack. I guess the hot Texas sun was not good for it, because the plexi-glass turned a wacky yellow gold color. The plexi-glass was held in by little metal tabs so all of it was easy to remove.  I saw some adorable cloches at an antique mall that had chicken wire instead of glass. 
 I happened to have some chicken wire laying around from the keeping the dog in the yard fiasco, so I decided to do my own version with my terrarium. 
The chicken wire cut very easily with tin snips. 

I added it to each of the side sections. I didn't try to do the top. 
It's getting cuter.
I thought it needed more, so I spray painted it white.
I used Valspar spray paint which I thought I would love. It was just okay.
Here it is with different spring critters. 
I am crazy about this vintage duck planter. 
He will go somewhere else.
This little chick ended up being my favorite in the photos. In real life the tulips
and the bunny are my favorite.
I set it on the hutch in my dining room. 




  1. This is just the perfect piece. I love the ones you show in the first pic, but I think yours is even better. Cute, cute, cute. Great use of a lantern and adding the chicken wire was a fabulous addition. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

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