Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spray Painted Faucets

 I told you about my door knob project. 
Well I got so excited about how they turned out I went for another project I saw on a blog and decided to try that too. 
I live in a 90's home that is totally bling-tastic. I hate the bling and have since we bought the house in 1993. My answer at the time was to go with nicer higher quality antique brass not the 80's stuff. Real brass that had naturally aged which was a bargain because everybody else wanted polished brass. I thought aged brass would make a come back Ha, ha, ha! I guess I was wrong.
  Are you kidding me? I just spent 3 day spray painting everything that wasn't breathing. Rachel Ashwell could of at least waited until I was able to get the last of the paint out from under my nails. While all the other girls are off getting mani/pedi's for Spring Break I am destroying my manicure.  :) 

Here is the project link:

Now it would have been very helpful if I had taken the time to actually read this post instead of just look at the picture. 
But I didn't so I hope my faucets hold up as well as hers. 

Here is the faucet I had in the powder room. This picture is from my master, but it's the same faucet. 
I didn't remove the faucet because Mr. Bill would have to put it back and he hates plumbing stuff. 
I covered everything with wax paper. 

It worked pretty well. I wished I read more, because one blogger said to use painter's tape around the faucet. I would rather clean and scrub a little after instead of tape, because I will clean like crazy anyway. I get too excited to see results. 
I sprayed the light fixture too because it was a coppery gold that went with all the other brass.
I bought a new toilet paper holder.
Updated a few accents. 
Here she is all new looking!

Love, love this little antique clock. I had it somewhere else. I love that the face is crooked. It doesn't work, but I don't care.  

I don't even hate the counter so much anymore. 
Now I wish I could say this bathroom was perfect. Sadly, there is a dark secret behind the shower curtain.
 (No, it's not mildew.)

90's blue tile.

Oh, she had bling too. Home Depot hooked me up with these. 
Sadly they don't make them in ORB, at least not yet!
The shower head was $14.32 here:
The shower arm was $12.84 here.
The tub spout was $8.00 here: (I see they have gone up.)
The Knob was $7.00 here. 
(I think that it must be cheaper in the store than on-line)
The only thing that was not available was the pipe that comes out of the wall at the knob. It was blingy and can't be changed. When I took off the old stuff, I sprayed the pipe with oven cleaner like I did to my shower door. Read about it here. Then I covered it with a baggie and let it sit overnight. In the morning all the bling was gone. 
I have tried to blend the old tile with the new by having brown and blue towels and shower curtain. 
Someday I may be able to talk Mr. Bill into taking a crow bar to the tile. I think we could do it, he is not so sure. I hope you like the
powder room. 
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  1. you did a terrific job and must be sooooo brave to spray paint with it still on! thank goodness it worked out. I'm going to get brave and paint my wall sconces, but will take them off first.

    1. I would have taken them off if, I thought they would go back on. :)
      Thanks for stopping in.

  2. I am completely in shock! Great job!!!! I just got done joking to my hubby about possibly spray painting the faucet. Then we saw this. I spray painted the fridge, the toilet paper holder, etc., but never thought this could be possible. You may have just saved me $400 on our master bath roman tub faucet (we never use it anyway). We are updating the MB and have gold faucets. I won't be trying it for our sink, but I will for the tub. Thank you, thank you!!!

    1. How did the fridge look? I would love to see that. I think my big white fridge is sooo boring. Thank you for stopping and leaving a sweet comment.

  3. ps...check out my website :) if u can!

  4. Hello again! I am posting a link back to your blog giving you credit for the painted faucet. I did the roman tub faucet yesterday and it turned out great! I didn't take it off-just taped it and used wax paper. Thanks again! That saved about $550 we figured after installation costs.


    1. Thank you, Julie. Yours turned out great. It should hold up if no one really uses that faucet much. Thanks for the link back. :)

  5. Thanks, Toodie! I am so glad you stopped by.

  6. Whoever said that you cannot paint and spruce up your faucet is definitely wrong! Well, you can simply buy a spray painted one, or make your own faucet spray painting. But what we did was we called a coating specialist to do the job. We also spray painted some of the bathroom fixtures to match the color.

  7. This is fantastic! I can't believe how great it turned out...a lot of work but worth it..just great! :D

    Thanks Katie!

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