Sunday, May 27, 2012

Copy Cat Southern Living

For a while I was enamored with Southern Living at Home.
Southern Living is one of the premier magazines here in the south. Is it popular up north as well?
Years ago every new bride had a subscription. Their multi-level marketing company was a way to get the cute stuff featured in the magazine through home parties. 
It is the only party based sales thing I have ever seriously considered. I almost signed up to be a consultant because so many of the items in the catalog were as cute as can be and created that "look". The kit was pretty reasonable too, only $199.00. I chickened out because I am just not a sales person. I am pretty sure that once I had called all my friends and relatives  and invited them to a party, I probably would never have marketed the company again.
 10 years ago when they first started, they had things no one else really did.
I went to a few parties and bought some things. 
I got the pie plate.
I got the ribbon plate and stand for a Christmas gift exchange. 
I also got the iron baker surround.

This stuff was hot around here for a while, then it simmered, only to be bought out by Willow House about two years ago.
I still love the look but I quit buying because of the shipping and handling charges. By the time those were added on these decorative items could get pretty pricey. 
I got creative trying to duplicate the look. 
I don't know if you have Hobby Lobby in your part of the country, but it is one of my favorite places to go.
They have great sales and if you wait a week or two the item you want will be half off.  I can always find something super cute for a fraction of the price. So just for fun let us compare.

I love the Jamestown Tray; a SLAH classic.
It retails for 57.96 plus shipping and handling.

I found this tray at Hobby Lobby.
It was about $19.99 but I got it for $9.99.
I got some plexis glass from the craft section and cut it to fit.

I also loved this.
The Galveston Wall Art and Planter.
This retailed for $129.00 plus s & h.

I found this one at HL half off for $14.99.  
Now mine is smaller but I think this one with the wood surround is even cuter.
I also was in love with their lanterns.
One of these is currently $31.96.
I got this one at my favorite thrift for $8.00.
It is even bigger than the ones available at Willow House.

I was captivated by these square vases.
I got this at the craft store for $2.00. 
They were in the candle making section. 
They fit perfectly inside this Rosedale Planter that I picked up at the thrift for $3.00. The Rosedale Planters retailed for $24.95 for a large one and a small one. 
They were some of the more affordable items.

Basically I am a cheap. I don't love paying shipping and handling. So, here is what I do when confronted with an at 
home party. If there is something I love and it is not available anywhere else, I will usually get it, especially if it helps out a friend.
But, if I can find that look some other way I will shop around.

One of my favorite things to score at an antique shop or thrift store is an older piece from SLAH. 

I found this Jamestown Centerpiece that retailed for
$39.99 back in 2007. I picked it up for $12.00. 

I don't know about you, but I can get caught up in the buzz at the party and then ultimately have buyer's remorse once the party is over. I guess it happens to others sometimes too because I have found a quite a few of their things this way. 
I love the old catalogs.  
The photos are beautiful and they are packed full of great ideas.
Ebay has a good selection of many discontinued SLAH items. 

Do you have a favorite catalog to copy cat? 
Please share it with me in the comment section.


  1. Your copy cats looks amazing and most of them I like better than the original. Great thrifty finds and everything looks gorgeous. Hugs, marty

    1. Thank you, Marty, and thanks for stopping in to say hi!

  2. I am so with you on the SLAH items. My cousin's daughter sells for them in VA. I have bought a couple of pieces, but almost choked on the S&H costs. When they put the 2 tiered casserole stands on sale, I bought 2 of those since I serve buffet style for many of the family gatherings. Your purchases are better than theirs, especially the coach lantern. Great job.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

    1. Thank you Beckie. I love to find their pieces on sale or at resale. I love the casserole stands. Great for entertaining.

  3. Love your Galveston wall art planter ... I have one similar to that and was having a hard time figuring out what to put in it ... you have given me an idea. THANKS your ideas.
    Blessings ...
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures.

    1. Thank you Audrey for stopping in to say hi. I would love to see your plant stand all fixed up.