Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Roses, Daisies, Sunflowers and More

I thought I would show you some images of flowers that I have had in the house over the last few months.
It has been such a busy week at school that I haven't had time for many projects. I will be back in the swing of things next week. 

  These were grocery store roses. 
They were so beautiful. 
My husband gave them to me to wish me a 
"Happy Spring Break."
These were from one of my darling students who remembered purple is my favorite color.

I thought these from my yard were so beautiful.

I haven't had them so gorgeous in a number of years.

My darling Bill sent me these for our anniversary. He was out of town on business. 

 He has been really drawn to yellow this spring. 


Finally, my dear daughter got me these for Mother's Day.

They lasted about a week.

My youngest got me these for Mother's Day.
Can you tell I am into ball jars? They make
such cute vases.

One of my favorite indulgences is fresh flowers.
But I don't always have something in the yard blooming.
Thankfully grocery store flowers have come a long way since I was a young bride.

To get the best blooms check with your store to find out when they get their flower shipment. 


  1. They're all so pretty. I love fresh flowers in the house too. 8-)

    1. Thanks Candy. I make myself pick up flowers more often now that I am taking so many pictures. Thank you for your sweet comment.

  2. I love the peachy roses, such a pretty color! Have a great weekend, Laura

    1. Thank you Laura for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you are doing well.

  3. I love the white roses your got from your daughter and I love the roses that came from your yard. Such beautiful colors. I found you through Debbiedoo's Newbie Party. I'm your latest follower and a fellow newbie.

    1. Thank you Peggy! I will check out your site. The ones from the yard were amazing this year. They only bloom like that in April. I only get occasional blooms the rest of the summer. I have many thanks to Debbie for her Newbie party.