Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's In The Details

I hope that you are having a lovely week.
I have been spending the last few weeks paying attention to details.

Since I embarked on my ORB paloosa. 
I finally, finally got knobs and pulls for my cabinets.
We have lived in the house for almost 19 years and it is shameful that I have never added knobs. 
To be fair the knob selections at the time were ugly!! 
But I am sure that in all that time there would have been something I liked. I would have thought it was something my husband would have insisted upon because he will make me spend money when I am being cheap. But... it turns out that he thinks they are something to get caught on while working in the kitchen.???
Can you visualize an infomercial like I can?
"Are you always getting caught on your cabinet knobs? Well now there is...."
 We both think this is funny now but I almost had to be doused with water to stop laughing. 
It was just some random thought that must have popped into his head. 
I am usually the one coming up with random thoughts. It was nice it was him for a change.
I had know idea that he had a knob phobia. 

He let me get the knobs. I spent a few weeks (yes, sad it took weeks.) picking out three different types for various functions around the room. I like a variation to 
add interest. 

 Knobs for most of the cabinets. I got these at Target. They were $14.98 for 10. 
 Pulls for the drawers. 
They were a beast to hang. Get them here.
I got this other kind of pull for interest. Get them here.

I love Kilim Beige by Sherwin Williams.

The island got these. I hope Mr. Bill doesn't get caught on them!

I love how they came out.
To de-orange the cabinets a little, I "aged" them with black oil based paint.
I brushed it on in the crevasses and corners and then wiped it off while
 it was still wet.
I think it tones down the orange a bit.
We got a bid for painting the cabinets $1800.00.
We have been doing repairs to the trim outside
and fixed the hole in the ceiling.
Both of these blew our wad, so no painted cabinets for now.

I got all of these knobs and pulls for about $100.00. It makes opening the cabinets so much easier. Imagine that.
I don't know what took so long. Do you ever do that? Live with something for a ridiculously long time? Blogging has helped me evaluate some of 
my "living with" tendencies. 

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  1. Since I want to gut the kitchen & start over at some point (do I hear lottery winner, anyone?) I had resisted making any changes. But, I finally broke down and bought new knobs, because the white porcelain ones weren't doing it for me. Took me several months to find what I wanted, as well. I wanted shiny chrome not brushed nickel. I just like the look better. However, there is not as much of a selection. Plus, I didn't want them to match the bathroom knobs.

    1. I just found your comment in my spam folder. I was able to move it back over. Yeah. Thanks for stopping in to say hi. Have you won the lottery yet? :)

  2. NO NO NO don't paint the cabinets your wood is beautiful and your hardware u would never have known they came from 3 different places they look like they were a set and I tell ya it is like jewelry in that beautiful kitchen of yours Georgeous!!!

    1. Forgot to say I think why I love your wood so much is because of the oil paint rub u did on them that really gives them distinction and depth I would love to talk to you more about that was there a long drying time? did you sand your cabinets at all first? Have u considered keeping your cabinets as they are and going darker with your floor - part of why you may not be happy with the cabinets is because the colors and tones are so similar between the two there is no contrast? Have you taken a photo on your computer and virtually redid your cabinets or floor?? This usually helps me when faced with a big decision.

    2. No. I haven't done anything digitally. In real life, there is a slight contrast between the floor and the cabinets. I did nothing to prep the cabinets. I just painted the black and then wiped it down a little until it gave them more of an aged feel. There is just so much hate for oak cabinets on t.v. It made me feel like painting.

    3. Well I can play around with your pictures next week if you like paint some of your cabs white and your floor darker it will be a rough idea but it always helps me and a bunch of us used to do it for each other on one of the old MSN decorating boards. Leave me a note if your interested happy Mothers Day

  3. I love white painted cabinets but the wood on yours is so pretty! I love your new knobs and pulls too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Thanks, Shelia. I am so glad I didn't paint them. They are fine for now. :)

  4. Your new knobs and pulls are lovely~Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

    1. Thank you, Courtney. Thanks for ALL you do for Feathered Nest Friday. I love, love your party and your blog!