Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chandelier Shuffle

I love, love chandeliers. My favorite ones are dripping with crystals.
When others were taking down beautiful examples and putting up this...
I was collecting others cast offs. 

I got two nearly identical bronze fixtures for 50 cents each from garage sales.
I put this one over the piano.
This one went up in our two story atrium.
It was pretty good there for a long time until furniture got larger.
As home furnishings got bigger so did chandeliers.
 Our petite 80s fixture just was not cutting it. 

I got this new one for our entry way that was more in proportion to the space and balanced the weight of the new front door.

I love it but my blingy chandelier didn't have a home. It got stuffed into a cabinet and then into a closet loosing crystals with each move. I gathered up as many crystals I could find and put them in my crystal drawer.
I am sure Bill wanted to throw it out so many times.

When Bekah moved I decided the bronze and crystal chandelier would go much better in her room than the one she had. 
I put it up and cleaned it off. I started adding back the crystals that had fallen off when it was shoved in the closet.
Unbelievably I only lost one crystal in the transition.

I think it goes well with Bekah's bedding.

This was Bekah's old chandelier.

It is an Italian rose tole chandelier. It came out of my step mom's house eons ago. 
It was a wonderful chandelier to take Bekah from pre-schooler to young adult.  
But I really thought it would look better in my shabby white room.
It need a good bit of dusting. 
Compressed air did a great job.

There was no way a rag was going to clean inside those roses.
I think that at one point this chandelier had been painted. I could see bits of pink and blue peeping through the white. I tried stripping it down to the original paint colors but it didn't work. It took the paint and the enamel off. 

Read about my shabby room here.

My only reservation about the transition was this ceiling fan.
I really hate ceiling fans but they are a bit of a necessity here in Texas.

I am going with cute!

I took down the fan. I didn't know how, so I just started taking pieces off. Be sure to turn off the breaker.

This is one reason I hate ceiling fans. 
The dust on the top of the blade is so hard to clean! 


Let me say I am wild about these changes.   
 I have supplied both rooms with fans so our guests can have some moving air. 
I didn't want you to worry that my guests will be uncomfortable in the Texas heat.



  1. Love all of your chandy's.

  2. Katie, I love the old lighting and upcycling is in again. You made some successful switcharoos with three beatiful chandy'. Nice guest rooms, I am sure your guests will feel pampered.
    My daughter flips houses and she keeps the old chandy's and replaces them with home center lights. She has a home full of beautiful vintage lighting and the purchasers go gaga over the trendy styles. Go figure!
    I am a new follower, please come by for a visit.

    1. Thank you, Ginger. I am so glad you stopped by. I will have to stop in to see you!

  3. Very nice and I'm with you on giving up the fans here in Texas. I would LOVE a chandy in the master - but my hubby will NEVER give up the fan over our bed even with the AC at 73 at night. I switched some chandeliers and lights around in my house and of course my SuperDave was the electrician that did everything but the makeover of the dining chandelier before I had hand it in the breakfast room. You can check out that makeover from one of my very first posts if you like. I love the barn picture on your blog.

    1. Thank you so much Laura. My husband took that picture down in Cat Spring, Tx. I love it too and used Picasa to make my header.
      I'm afraid Mr. Bill won't let me take down the ceiling fan in our room either. I would love to though.
      I will be stopping by your blog.

  4. Beautiful chandy's! We have ceiling fans everywhere, too, but I would love to change a few out!

  5. I love all three of those chandies. We have ceiling fans everywhere too. I use the swiffer dusters that work fairly well.

    1. Thank you, Laura. I use those on my other fans. Swiffer Duster's do the best job for me too. Thank you for stopping in!

  6. Thank you Holly! I am so happy you stopped by. :)

  7. I'm a sucker for chandeliers! I can't believe that you got the brass/crystal ones for 50 cents a piece at a garage sale...awesome find! Love all the changes you made. I hate the dreaded ceiling fan, but agree that it is a necessity here in TX. Great idea to replace with regular fans so you can enjoy pretty lighting! :-)

    1. Thank you, Sharla. The fans aren't missed at all!! :)

  8. Your chandeliers are so pretty. I like the shuffle.

    1. Thank you so much, Glenda. I am so glad you stopped in.

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