Friday, June 15, 2012

Guest Room Decorated

We are still tweaking the empty nest around here.
When we painted my daughter's room a few years ago, I thought that Rebekah and I chose a color that we both could live with. Rebekah would not be living in the room for very long. She had graduated from college and would be moving out when 
she found a job. 
We chose an olive green called Meadow Trail from Sherwin Williams
 She and I purchased a new bedspread that she could take with her. We found a set at Macy's for $20.00. 
It was a steal of a deal.

My plan was to use another bedding set that I had on the bed while she was at college. 
It was a damask in browns and corals from Target.
Target didn't name this bedding. 

At first we didn't have a bed so I set up the room as a office/workroom for me to use for blogging. 
Read about it here. 
It ended up being a drop room. You know what I mean... a room to drop stuff on the table and leave.
We had guests coming so it was finally time 
to get a bed.
I shuffled chandeliers around. Read about it here.
I was tickled to put the bedspread on but I didn't love it. Maybe it was just too heavy for summer. If you have been around my blog a while, you know I love to dress beds for the season.
I thought maybe I needed to repaint and get new bedding.

I decided to find a white set hoping I wouldn't have to paint.  My original plan way back when was to have a green room with green toile. 
But I didn't want toile anymore.
In fact, I had a black toile quilt I got at Big Lots for $25. It was a king but it fit. I liked how it hung really low, almost to the ground. 
No. I think I am over toile for a while.
 In case you are thinking of recommending me for an episode of hoarders, you will be happy to note that I did take the toile bedspread and a whole truck load to resale.
I found a lovely full/queen white quilt at T.J. Maxx for $39.00. It also had the nice long draped look I wanted. I picked up a white dust ruffle and pillow cases with a lace edge at Tuesday Morning. I spent $36.00 on those.

I put these on the bed but didn't love it.

My inspiration for what to do came from a night in my sister in law's guest room. I spent the night after going to the Dallas Premiere. Read about it here. 
The walls were a taupey blue-gray. On the bed was a beautiful damask set in Wedgwood Blue.   
The room is gorgeous and so restful.

I wanted to recreate that feeling for my guests.
I had a set in Wedgwood but it was a king.
I tried it on the bed but it didn't fit like the toile spread did.
 I thought I could still use the other pieces from the set to capture the feeling of the 
guest room at my SIL's.

 I pulled out the blue dust ruffle and added that. 

It took a little remaking of the dust ruffle to make 
it fit. 
Cheater alert... (I used my glue gun :/)
Once I added the glammy pillows and my gold edge pillow cases it all came together. 

I made these and not with the glue gun either!

The bolster pillow and the European sham are from a Waterford set I got at Tuesday Morning few years ago. I had it before we got our new bed and didn't love how it looked after the new bed arrived. 

I got this little painting on one of our antiquing weekends. 

 Some of my sweet Robin's Egg Blue things ended up in here.

I love it. 

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  1. Don't ya just love the process it takes to get to such a lovely ending... fabulous it is so pretty and restful

    1. Thank you, RaNae. We have guests already. I love that it is about finished!

  2. Your room looks lovely!

  3. Even if it was a long, winding road your guest room is beautiful and welcoming at last!