Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 Best Blogging Tips From a Newb

 I love blogging!
I had no idea it would be fun and completely addicting.
There are some things that I wish I had known before my daughter and I  clicked the create blog button.
1. Create a test blog
I wish that I had created a test blog before I created my real blog. That way I would have had a place to try out layouts and design features. I could have played with the side widths, fonts, buttons, etc. without subjecting my few readers to abrupt changes. There were a bunch in the first few months.
2. I wish I had known all that would be required to take the best pictures possible before I started blogging. I should have spent a month just practicing photography. 
3. Play with the editing software of a photo editing/hosting site. I use Picasa but there are other ones out there.
I was learning how to blog and take and edit pictures all at the same time. Not to mention doing the projects that I was blogging about.
4 . I wish I had known that I would need a new camera, computer and scanner to get going. I have yet to get the new computer or scanner. This leads to #5.
 5. I wish I had know that I wasn't going to get rich off of monetizing my blog. Which I haven't done because I won't  get rich off of it anyway. :)
6.  I wish that I had spent a month just looking at other blogs and reading what was already out there. 
7. Read, read, read about creating headers, buttons and little cuties for your page.
8. Use what blogger has to offer as far as background paper. I was shocked to find my site was blocked from my virus protection because I was using a free blog background.  I hate to think about those that clicked on my site that day. Warning, warning Will Robinson. (Did I just date myself?)
9. I didn't know about link parties and other ways to promote my blog. I thought that my facebook friends would just pass me on to their friends and I would be a famous blogger.
10.And finally, I wish someone had prepared me for the awkwardness, at least that I feel, when someone mentions that they like my blog. I just write it for fun and to keep me busy. It is therapeutic and it allows me to feel that someone is seeing all the hard work I put into my house. When I hit publish I forget that people I know are actually reading this. 
I will have to get over that if I am to become rich and famous for Let's Add Sprinkles!
Sprinkled with blogging wisdom, (tongue in check)


  1. Katie,
    You are so funny! I'm glad you posted these things because...really...if I had waited until I'd done all those things I would have never gotten around to blogging! Thanks for joining our party!

    1. Me too. Especially if I had known I would just about wear out my laptop. :(
      I had no idea it would be so addictive.

  2. It is a learning experience!!! For me, it has been a wonderful experience!!!
    XO Kris

  3. Me too. I love it and it is worth it. :)

  4. Every word of this is so true for me too. I could have "studied" the process for a lot longer but then figured I may as well just learn by doing. And so it goes...........

    1. It's better to learn by doing. I really wish I had known I needed a new camera though.

  5. I love this! I agree with every single point. I did exactly the same thing. I published my blog before I even owned a camera! Talk about learn by doing...anyway, thank you for linking up to our party. Keep on doing those projects. :o)