Monday, July 30, 2012

Industrial Farm Lighting

Bill and I were out antiquing and he picked up two of these industrial farm lights.

For some reason they have languished in the garage for a long time. I think he contemplated giving them away, but I didn't want him to. In the the right setting they would be super cute.
I would love to have them in a farm house kitchen.
Maybe in my 2nd home. :)
I found one on the shelf the other day when I was looking for something. 
It proved to be the inspiration for something for my sunroom.

My sons love these metal light fixtures.

They used them quite a bit in their early band gig days. 
They are affordable, portable and not uber precious. 
I saw some on display at Walmart and  light bulb went off. 
No pun intended.
I went over to the spray paint and picked up a can of green enamel.
I didn't even get the $3.99 brand. 
I went for the $1.49 brand.

Which used to be .99 cents by the way. With all of Walmart's Rolling Back Prices bologna they sure are raising quite a few. (Fabric is what else I  noticed.)
 They don't advertise that!!
I came home and took off the clip and the light bulb socket. 
I sprayed the outside green,

and the inside white.

Lighting has been a bit of a problem in a corner of the sunroom. You may have been one of the whopping 61 people that read about my dish dresser  paint job.
If not, feel free to read about it here.
There was no cord over on that side of the room, which drove me nuts!  It is a great place to sit and enjoy the view to the outside. No one could sit there in the evening, however.

 I realized we could use one of those computer cord cover things

and an extension cord. 

Finally light.

I used a fan bulb because the metal on these can get hot.

I can't wait to sit in this spot and work on my crochet.

I thought it would be whimsical to take a crochet class this summer.

The women in the family were going to get scarves for Christmas. I had big plans to crochet scarves for the homeless.

Clearly something just isn't right. No matter how many times I count the stitches it is crooked!!

Oh well. 
Rebekah says I should make them anyway and sit with a straight face when everyone opens cattywampus scarves. 
 Either way I have a cute and cheap light to sit by.
The light was less than $7.00.

How cute would these be spray painted red?
How about extra lighting for a work area or if you needed lighting near a fold out bed? 
How about several of them strung together for a party?

Can I show you the start to my picnic basket collection?

I got the green one during an antiquing weekend at the lake.
I love this green color!
I am going to have to figure out where to put those two other green lights. 
Update: A couple of people have asked me why I haven't used the real farm lights out here. They are pretty big and would be a little over sized for our small sun porch. Plus, they are Bill's frugal find. He is trying to figure out where he would like them. 

Too cute!


  1. Clever girl! Love the color!!!

  2. Love the light, it looks great! Yes, I noticed the rolling back prices, perhaps they are confused about forwards and backwards?

    1. That is so true. They roll them back a few pennies, this stuff was .50 cents more.

  3. Industrial lights are all the rage and you did yours up grand! I love how cute it looks with your quilt. I had to laugh about your crocheting. I don't even try because I do it so darn tight it looks like 10 stitches are about 5. lol! I love your green picnic basket. Would love to find a few similar to that. Thanks so much for sharing with Share Your Cup.

    1. I think that is what is wrong. I am not consistent in the size of my stitch. I will keep at it for a little longer. I got some really pretty olive wool, I would like to try.

  4. Are there not a couple other spots in that very room that could use those fabulous lights? They would look great with the one you fashioned and with the picnic baskets.

  5. Never thought about painting those lights. Now I may be able to use them somewhere. I love the patina of that large box under the desk.

    1. Thank you, Kim. We got the trunk from my grandparents. :)

  6. So clever! Great use for the light, and you have a lot of the green around....good job.
    Come for a visit....

  7. I love the green color you painted that light!! Now I'm going to have to check out the cheap stuff at Wally World. I've got a step stool to paint and that's just the color I had in mind. Great makeover!

  8. What you did to the lighting fixture was gorgeous. I love the green transformation and I agree with Walmart's prices.