Monday, July 2, 2012

A Thrifty Week in Review

I have been doing a lot of thrifting so I thought it would be fun to have a post showcasing my various thrifty finds.
Since I am off for the summer I have been stopping in at all 
the thrift stores in town. 
I even found a new Salvation Army in the next town over.

I found some really cute stuff with cherries and some white pottery.
Love, love the little milk glass compote.

 The little hand painted plate was 50 cents. The white platters were 1.00 each. 
I was tickled to still find deals like that on white ironstone.


They made me mad with the pitcher. When I took the tape of it was chipped. 
I know to check carefully under tape and didn't. 

 Love this bowl behind my sink. 
It is so cheerful!

I was tickled to find this cherry print. It was $2.50 at The Salvation Army. They are actually called Family Stores now. I rematted it because it had a faux mat printed on the paper.


 I painted the red mat in the background. 
Mat board takes craft paint really well.

 Cute ribbon makes it more of a feature. (Sorry about the glare.  I tried a bunch of times to take this picture.)

I saw this cute message board at Goodwill.
I took out the picture that was in the top and put in a left over piece of chalkboard.

The picture I took out? It was cherries of course. See the little sign at the top of my plate rack?

I was super thrifty and water colored the cherry painting.
It didn't cost me anything because I messed up some watercolor paper at school and decided to practice my skills rather than throw the paper out.

 I'm still on the hunt for red transferware.
I found three little hotel china plates at Goodwill for 50 cents each. 

How cute is the little pitcher?
It is Target brand found at Goodwill.

I'm smitten with the copy of a vintage stove.
It's not old but it sure is cute.
I gave all my roosters and hens away after those were such a huge thing years ago. I should have kept (hoarded) them. 

She is a little chippy, but I love her anyway.

Finally my steal and super find.

 I found the same sewing machine that I already have. (???)
Here is why I bought it. 
I have had mine for almost 24 years. I have used and used it without getting it serviced. 
In 2000 our puppy chewed through the presser foot cord. 
(Which has been rewired together since then.)
I don't recommend this type of "fix".

See all those dangerous looking cords? Yup. 12 years. 
I thought at first I would just trade presser foots but the new old machine is soooo clean and it runs soooo smooth that it will replace mine. 
 Mr. Bill bought mine when his grandpa died and I was thrilled with her.
She is after all a New Home, the same brand my great grandmother had.

We spent many wonderful (frustrating) hours together. (stinking tension)

But... it is time for her to retire and allow a new New Home take her place.
The new to me New Home was $25.00. 
Like I said, a steal of a deal!

I have already used her.


  1. Great finds!I often see sewing machines.I have passed them by because I don't know what to check for in purchasing a used one.Any advice?

    1. It is working like a charm. I love it.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Love the milk glass compote! The sewing machine was a great find!!! Love the cherry print, it really looks great now!!! Everything is so very pretty!!!

    1. Thank you, Melanie. I am so pleased you stopped by.