Friday, July 6, 2012

Classic Blue and White

I thought by now I would get to re-tile the blue shower in the guest bath downstairs.

I don't know what she was thinking when the previous owner picked it out. It was already dated by the time they built the house.

I've tried talking Bill into re-tiling it ourselves but he wants nothing to do with it.
After all, we were able tile 500 square feet on our ground floor.
I guess it is an experience he never wants to repeat.
So it is not happening. 
When we first moved in the wall paper was an art deco mini print. It wasn't bad it just wasn't me.
I pulled that down and painted the wall gold with the blue.
 Once yellow and blue played out I switched to brown and blue. It updated it as much as it could.
 Instead of trying to disguise the blue as I have done in the past, I've decided to embrace the blue and add white for a classic scheme.
I love the June issue of Victoria.
Traditionally it is devoted to this classic color scheme.
I ditched the brown shower curtain and got a crisp white one. 

I added a blue and white paisley floral valances. I got two at Tuesday Morning. They are by Waverly and were $14.99 each.

I pulled of few pieces of my blue and white china out and put them in my little cabinet.

I put some blue plates and platters on the wall in place of the prints I had.

I had in mind a Coscill type of towel but couldn't find anything on-line.
To make my own, I measured the width of a plain white towel. 

I took some of this blue striped fabric and 

I pressed and hemmed a quarter inch hem.

I sewed the blue fabric to the towel and added some white rick rack.

It just a little adds a bit of cuteness. 
I have enough to make another one.

We took the builder mirror down and put up this antique framed mirror. 
An old ripped oil painting used to reside in the frame.
The painting couldn't be saved but the frame got recycled.

I love what I call moldy gold. 
It's not the bling from the 90's but old mellow aged gold.

Refreshed and ready for summer.


  1. I love how you decorated your bathroom to work with your blue tile.Sometimes we can't change things.But we can work with what we have.And you did it beautifully! What a pretty plate collection.Love your display cabinet too.

  2. you can see if someone in your area can paint the tile but i like what you did it so good. ang

    1. I will check into thanks. I'm so glad you stopped by.

  3. Hello! :) I just found you Katie, and I love your blog so much! Im totally staying! :D Such a nice feeling and your bathroom cabinet is heavenly! Just gorgeous!

    Hugs from Toronto!

    1. Thank you, Katherine! I am so glad you found it and I am so glad you became a follower.
      It means so much you like it.

  4. It's me again! Love the cabinet in your bathroom with the transferware, very clever.

  5. Just to let you know this was featured at Sunday's Best Feature.

    1. Thank you, Cathy. You are so sweet to feature me and give my blog a boost! :)