Monday, July 9, 2012

Let's Hear it for the Red, White and Blue

Do you get tired of a red, white and blue color scheme as soon as the holiday is over?
It is such a fun burst of color for summer.

Our deck was inspired by some of the 4th of July 
parades we have been to.

Our small/big town puts on wonderful parade.

It has an old hometown feel.

Our town feels a tad different since the big dog moved in.

Of course we have had the underdog forever.

Underdogs turned big dogs!

What is better than one Elvis?
Lots of them on mini bikes.


It's the town I have come to love over the last 35 years.
(Has it been 35 years?)

Our kids have participated as part of the scouts and 
their high school marching band.

I always get goose bumps when they walk by.

My baby had to carry a Tuba the whole way.
Can you imagine?

 This year I was in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.
They have a darling parade with a western feel.

There was a cute, cute fair.

You've just gotta love the view of the mountains from the 
Ferris Wheel.
I had a wonderful time in the mountains with 
my brother and his family 
I missed celebrating with my family.


The house was festive while I was away.


We usually keep our porch patriotic until after September 11th.

I'm still feeling inspired by these patriotic colors.

Are you?

I hope that you had a blessed holiday with your family. 


  1. Love the pictures of your deck!

  2. Hi Katie! That parade looked amazing! We missed out towns parade this year. But we have a pretty good one too.
    I love your patriotic porch. I have many of the same pieces, or at least, similar.