Saturday, July 28, 2012

Making the Most out of Grocery Store Flowers

Do you know how to make the most out of grocery story flowers? 
Flowers from the grocery store are not what they used to be. 
I've used them for showers and a wedding. 
Today at Kroger I just happened to find some gorgeous pink roses on sale. 
Two dozen roses for the price of one.
It was too good a deal to pass up.

Grocery store flowers have to be trimmed in order to look good in a vase. 
You can't just stick them in a vase and walk away. 
They have added length that needs to be trimmed away.

The Waterford vase was a Christmas gift. 
The square vase was from one of my darling students. 

 I want the flowers to stick up about 4 inches above the rim of the Waterford vase. 

I cut 4 inches off of the first rose and tested it in the vase. 
It looked okay so I continued to cut each rose to size.

Make sure each flower is the same length. 
Measure from the top of the rose to the cut. 

  The part you cut off will not be the same on each flower. 

For some reason the square vase oozes sophistication. 
It pained me to cut so much off of the roses to fit in the vase but the arrangement is worth it.
I lined the vase with leaves from the roses. 
It is a look I copied from floral designers. 

I tucked some asters in and around the roses. 
An aster is a fall blooming flower that looks like a mini daisy.
They will typically last a week or so. 

I have found similar square vases at Hobby Lobby in the candle making section. 
They retail for about $2.00 each. 
These are great for showers or parties. 

There were enough roses to make an arrangement for the powder room.

The white milk glass vase came from a thrift store. 
They used to be super affordable and easy to find. 
They are harder and harder to find.

I made a little arrangement for the kitchen.  

I got the gorgeous pink (or red) onion scoop in Ruidosa, New Mexico. 
The pattern in the onion pattern. It's not a scoop for onions.
Ask your floral department when they get deliveries. 
Not all the flowers on display will be from the lastest delivery. 
Kroger has an expiration date on their flowers. 
Tom Thumb as a guarantee but I've never return flowers that haven't stayed fresh for the guaranteed period. 
I never bother using the powder that comes with the flowers.
It's never seemed to make that much a difference to me.

I hope you will go out and get some fresh flowers. 
There isn't much blooming here in Texas. 
It is way too hot. 
Stay cool where you are. 
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  1. Oh, my goodness. All the great bouquets you created. They are gorgeous flowers!! Next time I am at our market (Belair) I'll have to take a closer look!

    1. Thanks, Karen. I hope your store has some pretty ones.

  2. Gorgeous flowers! And you're right, cutting and arranging them is the key. Thanks so much for stopping by The Cozy Old Farmhouse.

    1. You are welcome. I love stopping by your darling farmhouse.

  3. Beautiful roses! Yes sometimes they last longer than other times.Don't know why though.I even change the water everyday too!

    1. I have never changed the water daily. I will have to try that and see if it helps.

  4. Well as soon as I type this I'm heading out to my Kroger's, didn't know they had flowers like this! Your bouquets are very pretty. I love roses, my didn't do so hot this year with all the heat and drought! So glad you shared your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – your creativity helped make the party a success!

    1. Thank you, Cathy. Thanks for the weekly work you put in for such a fun party.

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