Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Calico Apples

I was looking for a pumpkin tutorial (more on that later) and found a fabulous one over at the The Cottage Home 
Thank you google images. 
I picked this tutorial because of how cute these pumpkins were and because she put tutorial on her photo. 

While I was mired in orange 
fabric everywhere, I realized that the same method could be used for apples. I have a cute collection of apple things that I have gotten over the years from my darlings at school. 
So I busted out my red calico fabrics. 

Wait a minute!! 

In a rare fit of organization, I gave almost all my fabric scraps away.
Instead... I ran up to Walmart and stocked up on some cute fabrics to make a bushel of apples.

I love Walmart's fabric department. I was shopping recently at another retailer and was shocked at how high everything was.
Walmart had several cuties in the $2.50 bin. 
This irritates however, because the bin used to be the $1.00 and $2.00 bin. I really think Walmart sneaks in some roll forward prices at times.

This process was moving pretty slow until I began doing things assembly line style.  Sewing them back to back without stopping in between fabrics saves time. Just snip the tread in between calicoes.

I hand gathered the bottom of each apple. It was much easier and faster rather than messing with the sewing machine and trying to gather these small apples. 

I hand gathered the tops too. 

The fun part is decorating the tops with various ribbons and twigs. 

Right before inservice starts at school I will switch out my  decor in the kitchen. I'll put the cute cherries away.  Read about it   I'll sprinkle a few apple things out for September. I am sick of the sea shells and it is too early for other fall stuff. 

Check out The Cottage Home pumpkin tutorial and make some pumpkins or apples for yourself.
What do you think?
One of these with a gift card attached would be a perfect "apple" for your child's teacher. 
Happy Crafting!
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  1. The pumkins are so cute. Fall will be here soon.

    1. They are. Fall is just around the corner. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  2. Hi Katie Sue! these turned out so cute and best of all being apples you can leave them year round. I saw the fabric pumpkins on different blogs last year and made a note to try to make one - thanks for the reminder!! I am laughing because of your comment on getting rid of fabrics! I was looking the other day for some burgundy star fabric and tore apart my fabric stash and then swore at myself for donating it last winter! Would have been the perfect color for some yo yo's I'm makng and my Walmart discontinued their fabric sales!! I'm off to explore the rest of your blog! Sincerely, Jeannette

    1. Thank you, jeanette. Sorry it took me so long to comment. The new school year has been a busy one so far. I finally feel I am catching up.
      Hope you found some great fabric at Walmart. I guess not all Walmart stores have a fabric department.

  3. I agree with you it's too soon for fall, even though I see more and more of it - ugh - I'm still on summer! I also like you find when I pull out my fall I have a lot of orange, is that because that's the pretties fabric? I have never bought fabric at Walmart, but I will have to check it out - it is getting so expensive! I love your applies, so very cute!

    1. Thank you. I am enjoying the apples. I would tire of the orange if I left it out too long.