Friday, August 17, 2012

Junk-pa-looz-a 2012

Every summer for the past few years my brother, Dave and I have a junk shopping marathon.
We went shopping on our trip to Colorado about a month ago so we waited a few weeks for the checking account to recover before 
Junk-pa-looza 2012! 
This year we were joined by my sister-in-law, Amy. 
Our first stop was Old Home Supply in Fort Worth.
I told you about the door we got there.
We had a great time browsing inside in the antique-y part of the shop. The architectural stuff is not air conditioned so we didn't spend much time out there.
I found a few darling things.

I love, love this vintage trailer license plate from 1951. Bill and I weren't born yet but we love our trailer. I have it in a memo/inspiration board that I will reveal soon. 
I also got some hotel china, a vintage tin and a measuring stick. 
At this point it was lunch time.
We went to J. Gilligans. It is a local joint that was featured on the travel channel.
We had the Irish Nachos. Amy had seen the episode and wanted to try them.
They were so good.
Our next stop was Thrift Town on Abram Street, Salvation Army, Family Stores and Collin's Park Thrift. These are all in a one block radius. Getting in and out in the heat was a challenge.
Amy kept telling me I had auto cool seats in the back. I could never figure out how to turn them on.:(
Our final stop was to be Arlington Resale but they were closed getting new carpet.
Instead we went down to Antique Mall of Mansfield. 

Here is a shot of all my goodies from Day 1.

 The real score of the day for me was another picnic basket for my growing stack.
Loving it so far!!
I was exhausted from the first day. 
We came home and sat on the couch. I made quick lasagna with no boil noodles for dinner.
Day 2
We lost Amy. Dave and I set out dropping off a chair at the upholsterers. I can't wait to reveal that when it gets back in 8 long weeks.

We headed to Good will.
I got a pumpkin crafty thing that I will repaint and remake. It was a dollar more than I wanted to spend, but it will look super cute.
Next we hit.
Two half price book stores and a store that resells music and movies.
We ate lunch at one of my favorite places, Mijos.
Here is my loot from day 2:
I am excited about the decorating books. I also found a fundraising cookbook. Those have the best recipes.
I think the map was free!
Oh and I got a toy workbench for school.
Day 3
We woke up later on day 3.
My plan was to stop in Cleburne on the way to take Dave home.
We stopped at a little antique mall but I didn't see anything.
I think by this point I was hot and tired.
A lot of these places aren't air conditioned very well and it just zaps me.
I was even drinking lots of water which caused me to check out every bathroom in the county.
We had fun.
I think next year Junk-pa-looza 13 will be in June.
It won't be as hot.:)
Next time you are in town, let me know and I will take you on a junking jaunt too! 


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