Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Flocked" Christmas Tree

I've been wanting a flocked tree.
We have never had one and I was in the mood for something different.
We shopped for one for the living room but I wasn't impressed. It didn't look like flocking technology has changed much since the genesis of the artificial tree.
I have seen many, many flocked artificial trees at junk shops that have yellowed. 
Not pretty. We didn't get one.
I saw something on Pinterest that made me want to give painting the tree a try.
She painted her tree and then sprinkled it with glitter.
Dealing with the aftermath of glitter is one of the hazards of my job so I didn't think I needed to add glitter into the equation.
But I was willing to give painting the tree a try, so I pulled out the white primer.

This job is messy! 
Dabbing seemed to work best.
Brushing the paint on the branches caused splatter.
I got it all over my shirt before I realized what was happening.
I wanted it lightly flocked so I didn't go nuts.
I did hit it with spray snow after it was dry.
 I wish I hadn't  because all it did was shed.
Spray snow hasn't changed much, either, since I was a kid.
Where is the commercial flocking that is sprayed on picks and garlands?
I notice more of the flocking during the day.

At night you can't really get the effect as much. But It seems like the lights are brighter and I like it with the Urban Putty  (by Sherwin Williams) walls in the sunroom. 
It looks cute with the candy and sweets and frosted gingerbread cookies.
You can see what else I have done in the sunroom. 
Sprinkled with artificial snow,


  1. Hi Katie: Your tree is so pretty. I love all the sweets as decorations. I'm able to put tinsel on my tree now as the kids hated it when they were home but the older I get the more I like sparkles..Happy Wednesday..Judy

    1. Thank you, Judy. I love that. I've never done tinsel because I remember having to pull it off as a kid to save it for the next year. :\ I bet yours looks pretty.

  2. I love themed trees and yours is just adorable with all of the gingerbread and treats on the it! I like the look of flocked trees too, but have never had one. I would imagine they are delicate. I knew someone that had one and they said it was messy. However, it was quite beautiful! I saw a show on HGTV recently, where they sprayed a tree white (like you did). That seems to work well.

    1. That is what I was afraid of with a tradition flocked tree. I flocked some wreaths too and they shed all over. Yikes!

  3. Thank you, Holly. A flocked tree would look beautiful in your house.

  4. Your tree is beautiful! I love all the sweet gingerbread men!