Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blue and White for Christmas

I came to the conclusion last summer that my need to have new tile in the powder room shower was not high on Mr. Bill's priority list.
I resigned myself that change was not imminent and decided to embrace the blue.
This blue tile has been a trial to me for about 12 years.
Even though this hasn't been my favorite tile, I have been fortunate in that there has almost
 always been a trendy scheme that goes with my tile. 
blue and white
blue and yellow
Robin's Egg blue and brown
I got sick of the brown last summer so I pulled it all out.
I went with classic blue and white again.
I wondered if I would put the brown back in for the cooler months but I've decided to keep the blue and white for the winter.
I added a few Christmas things to make it festive.


I found the blue velvet wire edged ribbon at the thrift store. The original sticker showed that it came from my favorite antique mall. They had downsized to a smaller space and had donated oodles of their ribbon. 

I found the stocking in a tote of blue ornaments from a tree I did a few years ago.
I love it again.

I am wild about the bottle brush tree in the blue willow cup.  

  I made a new blue scarf for the snowman.  The paperwhite came from Pottery Barn last winter. I have some real bulbs planted in pots but they won't be ready until January.  
As I was getting the room ready to photograph, I looked in the votive holders and found dog hair. Someone please tell me how that dog's hair gets inside a votive?
 I apologize to anyone who has been over and noticed it before I did. 
I am pleased with how the powder room turned out.

Another thing checked off the list. 
Sprinkled with blue and white 
Christmas greenery,
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  1. Katie Sue, I'm loving how you decorated the powder room for Christmas.

  2. Thanks! Blue and white at Christmas is fun. I'm so glad you stopped by.

  3. You can't go wrong with blue and white...any time of year, it's a classic!!! Love what you did, and am smitten with that little stocking!!! I am also doing blue and white, returning to my favorites and not paying attention to fashion!!!

  4. I just love your little cabinet in
    the powder room... stopping by from
    the Pinterest party...

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I found it at Hobby Lobby. It was part of one of their wonderful sales.