Thursday, December 6, 2012

Belsnickle in Blue

I am almost finished putting touches of Christmas in each room. I told you about the blue and white bathroom.
 I did a search for Blue Christmas on Pinterest and saw some cute ideas.
I saw some blue Belsnickles that I thought were darling. 
Many of them have blue robes instead of the red coat that our modern Santa has. I thought a search on e-bay would yield a cute, old world looking Belsnickle.
 I don't think so.
They were around $50.00.
I decided to create my own, by painting Santa's coat blue.
I found a couple Santas at the thrift store for $1.00 or less.

I even found one with a blue coat. 
I had a fun hour painting these. 
I already had the perfect midnight blue color.
I did a quick internet search for Belsnickle.
Was he mean to the kids or kind like Santa?
The Pennsylvania Lutheran tradition states that Belsnicklers would show up on Christmas Eve with a switch.
They would switch the kids that were naughty and throw a treat on the floor for the children who were good.
If the child tried to grab for the sweet,  they would get a swat with the switch.
They didn't wear beautiful robes, but rags and fur. 
This messed up tradition came from  Germany.
I am glad we were good 
New York-Lutherans 
Pennsylvania Dutch- Lutherans. 

I guess as a culture we have romanticized this figure quite a bit.
I put a couple in the guest room.

and one in the bathroom cabinet. 
I think they look so cute with new coats and none of them are wielding switches.

Okay, this one does look like he has a switch.

The pillows are made from Ralph Lauren fabric from Joanns. The quilt I made ages ago. 
I sprinkled a few Christmas touches around the room. 

I'm sorry about the lighting. This room only has one tiny window.

 Cheap thrills over here.
Sprinkled with "Belsnickle",


  1. I love your cheap thrills and the blue! I must confess that I do have a Belsnickle in my Santa Collection, and did not know the history. Visiting from the Cedar Hill Ranch.

    1. Thanks, Debbie. I didn't either until I did a little research.

  2. What a pretty blue theme! Great idea to paint them yourself too!

  3. Hi Katie Sue! Oh, I've never heard of these little stinkers before. Maybe it's because I grew up Baptist! :) Anyway, your switcharoo on them looks so cute. Love your blue and white Christmasing! Your home looks so lovely and thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. This is so cute!!! I love it!!!! Great blog too. I'm Hanna and I am your newest follower:) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! You can find me at

    xoxoxo Hanna