Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Rescued Gingerbread Man

My daughter popped in at my favorite thrift to check out the books.
She has her own place now so she went into the Christmas section. 

She stopped by the house on her way home and brought me something she had rescued.

Just about every year for the past almost 30 years of our marriage I have made ornaments for our tree and some to give away.

They are fun to look at because they chronicle all the moods I have been in each Christmas.
When I first started putting up a gingerbread tree, I made some gingerbread men.

She saw this little guy at the thrift store. She thought that someone had discarded one of my creations. 
I have given them to teachers and friends throughout the years, so it seemed entirely possible that someone got rid of  one.
It was so sweet of her to rescue it for me


it wasn't one of mine.
Oh, it looks like one of mine
the initials on the back are the same initials as mine.

In fact they looked just like my initials.

 I am glad she rescued it.
I will treasure it.
Someone took the time to make him and he's a cutie. 


  1. Katie what a sweet story! Glad you were the recipient of that cute little gingerbread ornament!Your tree is so pretty!

  2. Loved that story! That is a treasure, you have a wonderful daughter!!