Monday, December 17, 2012

Wreaths on the Banister

I am trying to finish up my Christmas posts.
I understand that some of the bloggers are suspending their posts in light of Friday's tragedy. 
In my heart I feel that many of us need the distraction from our national sadness and that the children slain wouldn't want us to halt Christmas. 
My thoughts and prayers continue to be with those families. I know for them there is no distraction possible. 
I had one of my moms hug me today and thank me for loving the students in my class. 
She is a police officer and I am so thankful for her service!
Any of us in the education field and 
those first responders can only begin to imagine what they all went through in Newtown.
Heros every single one! 
Now on to my post.

When we bought the house 20 years ago, I was thrilled to have a house with stairs. 

I will get back to you on how I feel about them after my knees give out, but that is still a way down the road. 
I hope!

We closed on the house in August and I couldn't wait for the first Christmas morning photo op.

All three of the kids on the stairs in their p.j's would be  just too cute. I carried on the tradition for years. 

They wouldn't let me take them after a while, but I managed to get this one of my youngest a few years ago.

The ones of them when they were teenagers are just too funny.

 I am pretty sure that through most of the teenage years they had just gone to sleep only to have Bill and I wake them up soon after to open gifts.
 Pay back for all those sleepless nights they put us through.


I couldn't wait to drape the banister in faux garlands and bows.

You know..

 those faux garlands that cost about $2.99 at the craft store? The ones that shed all over the place?

I couldn't wait to play with those.

This year I did something different.

I hung simple wreaths with white bows instead.

 I saw this in the pottery Barn Catalog last Christmas and on Pinterest. 
 The ribbon was a huge bolt from the thrift store. 
Nothing fancy. 
I plan on painting the banisters over Christmas break.

 I can just pop off the wreaths and paint.
I think they look so cute and simple. 
I got these for $3.99 each at Michaels. 
Of course until a year ago, I had a bunch in the attic that I could have used.
The kids don't sleep at the house anymore on Christmas Eve, so no more photo ops.
Plenty of wonderful memories.
Memories I am holding a little tighter today.

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