Saturday, January 19, 2013

Facebook Fan Page

Good Morning!

I hope you will click the "Like me on Facebook" button on my side bar or you can click this here. I will update my status on my Facebook Fan page when I have a new post. I don't always like to promote new blog posts on my personal Facebook page. I want my friends and family to read my blog, but I don't want to bug them on their wall.

Blogging is a weird deal sometimes. I want everyone to join and read and promote but I forget that I am not just writing to cyberspace. I forget that friends, family and co-workers actually read my blog.

It cracks me up when someone mentions something to me that I know I didn't tell them and I realize they must have read it here. I have even thought, "How do you know that?" I have to laugh when I figure it out. My memory is slipping with age. ;)

So why the Facebook fan page? Am I all about self promotion? Not really. That side of this feels a little uncomfortable sometimes. I really like to inspire with my frugal finds and decorating projects. I love to teach and blogging is a way for me to do that. 
Make sense?

So how can you help promote?

"Like" me on Facebook. 

"Pin" to your Pinterest boards. The more I get pinned the more "Let's Add Sprinkles" gets into their pinmarket. (If I understand that correctly.)

You can also hit the red "g+share" button at the top of the blog.   

I am sure I will share "Let's Add Sprinkles" news on Facebook and I will give sneak peaks at what is going on around here. 

Thank you!

Sprinkled with self promotion, (haha)


  1. I tried to add to your facebook, but the button didn't work.

    1. Try the link again. I fixed it. Thanks for trying.

  2. Hey Katie I just liked you on facebook you can like me too :-)

  3. I just checked your FB fan page and I must say that you really do serve as an inspiration! My wife is currently redecorating our house, and i’m pretty sure she’ll love the ideas on your site.