Friday, January 18, 2013

Why Drop Cloths?

I made this table cloth in December.
This ruffled tablecloth is made out of drop cloths.

I got questions about it from my sister in law.
I  realized that I have neglected to adequately explain my love for drop cloths on this blog. 

So this is for all the non-bloggers out there that haven't really fallen in love with drop cloths.
(How many times can a person say drop cloths in one post?)

I saw my first package of drop cloths at Lowe's last year.

I was instantly smitten.
It looked like linen. 
It was a lovely oatmeal colored canvas.
It was only $5.98 for a 4x5 length of fabric.
I went back and forth in my head about it.
I couldn't get over that I was about to buy drop cloths to use in home decorating projects.
But I bought one anyway.
The next time I went to Lowe's, I bought two.

Since then I have used these for tablecloths.

Scrunched up table runners.

 Tailored and ruffled table runners.



Slipcovers and Upholstery

A window valance

Bill used one as a liner for my Easter basket.

Neutral pumpkins

A cover for tender bedding plants.

And my favorite?

A well washed drop cloth makes a perfect cloth to cover up the island when I roll out pie crust.

 and now I actually use them as drop cloths for painting.

These are inexpensive and they come in many various  sizes.
They range in color from off white to  
 taupe or gray white.

If you are wild about neutrals, give drop cloths a chance.


  1. Hi Katie: Did you use a pattern on your ruffled tablecloth. I want to try one. I made curtain cover ups in my Snuggery but didn't wash the drop cloth first. I think that is probably a mistake, but the cloths are certainly easy to sew on..All of yours are beautiful, by the way..Happy Weekend..Judy

  2. Wow. This makes me want to run out and buy five. I don't even sew though! I want ruffles!! So pretty. So many great ideas!

  3. I already wanted to try drop cloth curtains... now I want to use them for everything!!! Hahah! Thanks for sharing some amazing inspiration. :)

  4. Oh I love them too! They make wonderful items! And like you said, the colors are perfect!

  5. I have lots of scrap canvas because my artist husband stretches his own canvases, but I think I need to head to Lowes for a big dropcloth. As you have shown, the possibilities are endless.

  6. I too am a drop cloth junkie. I am actually currently working on a couple of projects with my trusty drop cloths (I will post soon). I enjoyed seeing all of the wonderful projects you created! I just became your newest follower. I'm new to blogging, and would love for you to visit my blog, Maddiebella Home as well. Looking forward to sharing our inspirations.

    Have a beautiful day!

    Betty (Maddiebella Home)

  7. i just bought one to make a surfboard bag. question: can a regular sewing machine with heavy duty thread and needle sew through it?

    1. Yes. I have never had a problem. My machine has regular needles even. Great idea.

  8. I have one ready to do some Easter stuff with but it came with a plastic backing, I'm wondering how that is going to go in the sewing machine. I love your projects any wonder you fell in love with them :)

    1. The Blue Hawk brand from Lowes. Doesn't have a plastic backing. I'm not sure that would sew well. Good luck.

  9. You are so right, drop cloths can be used for just about anything!! Ahhh....the power of dropcloths!!

    Jenna @