Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just Hearts

The heart is fickle.
The heart breaks.
The heart is resilient.

The heart is a flame.
The heart is steadfast.
The heart grieves. 
The heart is enduring.
The heart perseveres.
The heart rejoices.
The heart heals.
The heart forgives.
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  1. What a beautiful post! My heart is breaking today, but I know that it will heal, so your post seemed like it was written especially for me! Blessings to you and your family!

  2. Beautiful post. Hearts do all of the above and more. '-)

  3. I love your hearts. I think my favorite is the one next to the red checked pillow.

    I love your blog title - "just add sprinkles".

    It makes me think that cupcakes are really good, but with sprinkles they are even better. I teach middle school in a very poor schowith little parent involvement and I am trying to teach my students that if they try harder their life will be more. I think I will use you "add sprinkles" to make them think about how their lives can be.

    1. I love that. I am so pleased that my blog title inspires you. Prayers for you and your students today.