Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kitchen Shelf

For some reason I just can't get the kitchen desk looking  right.

I am on my third display in about a year.
I used this little metal shelf for a while.
I liked this display but I changed it when I wanted more white.
When I painted the bathroom upstairs, I spray painted this cubbie and put it on the desk.
It was okay but not great. I couldn't center it because of the electric outlet and the phone jack.
I thought I would like it when I painted the desk.
I ripped the guts out of the phone jack and covered it with a plate.
It's better but I still didn't love it.
 I found these shelf brackets upstairs in one of the closets.
 They were in Rebekah's room when she was little.
 I grabbed a piece of wood from the garage to make a shelf.   
I love my junk find canister and cow.
I thought I would love the tole tray, but it still doesn't look right.
I'm still tweaking the display because I am frustrated by the placement of that stupid outlet. 
I think the electricians were without a foreman the day this house was wired because the placement of some of outlets and fixtures is so wrong. 

I got a little window at Old Home Supply in Ft. Worth.
Read about it here.
I have wanted a window for a while but I didn't need a huge, heavy one.
This little darling is perfect. 
I can center it and cover up the outlet.:)
I can still plug in the lamp.

The decorating angels are singing!
Sprinkled with a window,
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  1. I loved it every single way!
    I was wondering since the plug outlet is white, could you paint the outlet cover and the phone jack cover? If they were the same as the wall or trim...maybe minimize their appearance. You could, now that the phone jack is covered hang a plate where that is...? If they bother you that much. I've been busy looking for new desk arrangements in my house and a place to put my computer that ISN'T HUGE and particle board WM I was glad to see all your kitchen desk arrangements. ...we have some oddly placed outlets too. However, where we need them...there just aren't enough in this old house.

    :) Pat

    1. I will probably paint them white, too. We don't have a house phone anymore, just cell phones. No need for phone jacks.

  2. You did a great job Katie! LOVE that window.I have the same issue in my kitchen.I have an outlet right in the center of my wall above my desk.I found a small cabinet.I drilled a hole in the back so I could still access the outlet.I drilled holes on the side for two cords.It is the only thing that has worked for me.It is quite a challenge hiding those things!

    1. I almost did that with the wall cubbie but then I found the brackets and window. Have a great weekend.

  3. Great idea for covering up the outlet!!! I have an old window what needs a purpose, and this would really fit the bill. Your desk vignette is too sweet :) Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven to see what is baking.

    1. I would love to. I can't wait to see your site. Thanks for the comment. :)

  4. Great makeover. You did a wonderful job. Love all the added touches.

  5. What a cozy little corner! I love it, and love the tiny window sash- so cute :)

    1. Thank you. I love the little window. I have always wanted one and this one is a perfect size.

  6. Paint that wall jack cover your wall color. We did that to camoflauge an old phone jack.

    1. I will. It used to stick out about an inch. I love the desk area. I finally feel finished with it. Thanks for popping in.

  7. I agree with others--beautiful makeover, but the outlet covers are an EYESORE!! Too dark, they stand out, so just apply a little paint like the wall and they will disappear.

    1. I know. I need to get new or paint. Thanks for taking time to stop in and leave a comment.

  8. Such a pretty spot you have there. I must say that I LOVE the black and cane chair in the second picture!!! Please don't paint it :)

    1. No I won't paint that. It is a Hitchcock chair that I found at a little antique shop. It gets moved around the house and matches just about every room. Thanks for stopping by.