Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ikea Curtains

I was stuck in a rut with the window treatment in the living room.
When we bought the house there was nothing on the windows except mini-blinds  
I have always disliked mini-blinds even when they were the grooviest thing on the market.
Custom window treatments in a swag and jabot style were all the rage when we bought the house
 Instead I made a pleated valance with navy and mauve flowers. 
Eventually, I covered the bottom half of the windows with chippy shutters I found at a garage sale.
I think I paid $10.00 for the whole set.
These light brown valances are the third set of valences that I've made for these windows. 

I was over the brown.
A standard window panel is 84 inches in length so something off the shelf at a big box wouldn't work. 
I needed at 96 inches in length. 
  I would have needed about 20 yards of fabric to make custom panels. 
 I have found some drapery pairs at 
Tuesday Morning but they usually didn't have three sets and they were at least $99.00 for each window. 
I continued to shop around for 96 inch panels and finally found some at IKEA.

Fortified with coffee, we made the long haul over there.

 It was a great way to spend a Saturday.


They are the LENDA tab curtains in white. 
They are currently $24.99 a pair. 

We got the curtain rods at Walmart. 

I adore them

Do you live near an IKEA?
If you like it - pin it! 


  1. Love it!! I hate mini-blinds too! They were all we could afford though when we moved in (and it was still outrageously expensive to have them fitted and hung) I hate when they show up in all my pictures! I think your shutters and drapes are adorable!! Your house is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Karen. They were all over this house and I knew they were expensive. My husband would have had a fit if I pulled them all down when we first moved in. I got rid of most of them as they broke. Thanks for the kind comments and for stopping in.

  2. I have mini-blinds. They are work--cleaning them twice a year. The Honey doesn't like them either. I guess I'm indifferent to them.
    I think--and I can't believe I'm admitting this... but for here- in HOT TEXAS, I'm leaning toward the roller blinds. Back in the day-- like when I was a small child, I remember how you'd just pull them down and be done with it. Walk away---and whoosh....flap-flap-flap times 100 and the spring would give out and the whole thing would roll up to the top!

    ...ok, enough of that! I think that your curtains are pretty. I'm wishy-washy on the tabs too. Sometimes I like them ...sometimes not. I think it depends on the rod. I like your these are nice!
    What I'm really in love with in this living space? The calm of the neutrals throughout! Very soothing!

    1. I wish I could admit I cleaned them twice a year. I very rarely cleaned them. I am so glad they are finally all gone. I don't know what I'll do when it is 110 outside, but I can pull these closed. I miss roll up shades too. My grandma had them.

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  4. I love love the wonderful new airy look, so much more chic, always adding white always makes such a difference...I might just add that I would paint the frame of the large mirror white, it will pop right off the wall...I love the way the room is young and fresh...I have been doing the same thing, I think as you get older the darker things seem distracting and the addition of white just makes for such a clean fresh look and it does go great with your kitchen...

    1. I have thought about painting the mirror but it's a family antique so.... I may move it somewhere else for a while and get something white. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind comments.

  5. The IKEA drapes look great in your space. I need to go there but it involves us driving to Atlanta and me therefore taking an antianxiety maybe not.

    1. Thankfully, both times I have been I didn't have to drive. :) You could always shop on-line.

  6. Hi, Katie! The curtains are such a fresh update to the space. I love your blog and nominated you for the Liebster Award. The details are in this post on my blog -

  7. I love your curtains and of course IKEA! Greetings from Sweden/Helena

  8. Your room looks so pretty I love the new curtains (found your site via savvy southern link party) the white looks so clean, fresh and elegant. Like you I hate mini blinds too it was one of the first things I changed when I bought my house. Curtains are so expensive esp at places like PB you got an awesome deal at ikea. I recently made curtains from full size sheets, very inexpensive! Glad I found your site!

  9. The new curtains is a refreshing addition to the living room; it blended well with the valance, the fireplace, and the furniture in your house. It indeed unites your kitchen and living room. That’s the good thing about white color; it could be easily harmonized with most colors.

    Roxie Tenner