Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Master Bath Coming

We had a contractor come over last night to look at our master bath. 
He felt that our 23 year old bath is done and that it's time to remodel. 
We had a couple of loose tiles right outside the shower door. 
I pried them off the other day and found mold. 
 It has already dried out and it looks better, but I wonder what else is under the shower pan and so did the contractor. 
        I started browsing images to get inspired.
I love white cabinets with a classic, traditional  panel.
 I think that I am going with chrome. 
It is classic and won't go out of style like some other finishes. Although gold in small measures is quite pretty.                   

I would love a white vanity top. 
I think the solid surface countertop will be quartz. 
We love marble but I would freak out if it etched and scratched.

The leaded glass door of the cabinet below is just beautiful.
 I would love a cabinet in between my vanities.

This bath won't be top of the line but I can't wait to do some upgrades from what we have.
I love the taller shower walls of the above bathroom.
Our contractor suggested something like this. 
The water spraying on a ledge is what causes some leaks. 
Bill wants a drop in tub.   
Our contractor said that we could have a chandelier.
A designer friend will be coming by next week just to make sure I am not off base.
I'm nervous but relieved. 
I think I have put all the cosmetic bandages I can on our old bathroom. 

I can't wait to fill you in as things unfold.  
Sprinkled with white, chrome and sparkle,


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  1. You must be very excited to see your bathroom unfold. Your design ideas are flowing and these photos are very inspiring. I'm glad you utilized Pinterest for finding beautiful bathroom designs. You haven't revealed the after photos of the bathroom makeover. Is it already finished? Please keep us posted! -Majestic Exteriors