Thursday, April 4, 2013

Master Bath Update- Part I

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We are still in the process with our bathroom. 
We have unhooked the water to the tub so we can do some more demo. I tried to get my family to take some tile home as a party favor after Easter lunch but they didn't go for it. ?

We had a designer come out and look at the room last week. I've never worked with one before and I thought it would be easier to do a project of this magnitude with some advice. I am super excited about it.
Right now Bill and I are just pinning away on Pinterest. 
See my bathroom board here. 
The thing is...I really liked my bathroom. Oh, I want updated finishes, but the color scheme is just what I will choose. Instead of white aging cultured marble, I would want white marble if it didn't scratch so badly. Instead I will probably get quartz or something that won't etch and stain. 

Instead of my ginormous "spa" tub I want to get a 
free standing tub. 

I think it will feel like we have gained floor space because the new tub will not be as wide. We won't do the water in the back center of the tub because I want easy access to wash my feet every night in the summer. (I know! Weird.)
We might even gain a few inches so we can separate the vanity and have two and a tower instead of one long 72 inch vanity. 

These are only three little 24 inch sections anyway. We can gain some more useful storage. I don't use the make up area. I sit in front of my sink with the make up drawer open. 

Here are the next steps.
We have to finish demo and pick out a tub. The tub will be key because it will be the hardest thing to find at this point. It can only be 60 inches long. It has to feel like it isn't a tub for Frodo and his friends. :)
After we pick out the tub we need to find wall tile and floor tile. I really think that I want white subway tile in the shower, but I have wanted it for 10 years and I don't want to be on the down side of a trend. There is a subway looking tile with gray veining that is pretty. 

Bill and I will probably continue the debate about the vanities. I really would like to find two antique matching pieces to re-purpose but I am not sure that will be possible. They would have to be a pair of nightstands or washstands that are the correct height. The hunt for these seems daunting so it will be easier to just go with ready made.  

You all may disagree with me but I really think I want chrome faucets. I think they are classic and will lend a vintage flare.
A chandelier that is actually wired is also high on the priority list. 

Please follow along with us on the biggest reno we have done to date. Once we get it all demo-ed we will know more.

I want to say thank you to Sherry @ The Charm of Home and Linda @ Coastal Charm for featuring our guest bath countertop. Here and here.  
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