Friday, April 5, 2013

Fresh Flowers

My sweet co-worker had some fresh mums left over from a science experiment.
She tried to give them to me but I told her to take them home and enjoy them. She didn't want to.
I was perplexed because I love fresh flowers in all sorts of containers. 
She mentioned that it was a pain to get out the vase, change the water and then have to deal with the stinky water afterward.
I couldn't believe it. All those "obstacles" seemed so minor but worth it for something so pretty.
I pondered this for a bit. I really think that the main obstacle is the stinky water at the end of the week and maybe the residue in the vase when the flowers are dead.

I don't think that the water smells that bad. Occasionally, I will have the discoloration in the vase or jar.
I trim most of the leaves away when I cut the stems. The leaves stink up the water. I don't even use the little packet of stuff that comes with the bouquet.
I must throw them out when they start to droop, before the water gets too rank. Maybe roses aren't as stinky because that is what I usually buy.
If I let the vase sit too long full of decaying stems and it does get some residue, I pour vinegar in the vase and let it sit for a while.
I was appalled that not everyone liked having fresh flowers around and I knew it deserved a blog post. She even teased that she might end up on the blog. ;) 
I remembered that I gave her some tulips for her birthday back in January. I guess I won't do that again.
I wonder if the issue isn't the flowers or the stinky water but the vase. The vase is a critical component to a good arrangement. 
I like a nice cut glass vase or I like to use quirky and unexpected containers for my flower arrangements.
Adding a glass jar to a container can turn any household object into a vase. The arrangement will be more interesting.
Pairing the container with something else will make the tabletop more interesting as well. 
I went home and arranged the mums and set the vases in front of my cutting board collection. I took a picture and posted it to Facebook. 
Of course now she wants me to come over every week and take care of her flower arrangements. :)    
I would do that for her. "If you give a teacher a flower....."

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  1. I love having fresh flowers.I can't wait to get some from my garden.I use that flower fresh packet and it seems to help keep them fresh.

    1. It doesn't seem to make mine last any longer. I love all your pics of roses at your place.

  2. I LOVE cut flowers. I have them in 4 locations in the house right now. I can't imagine not having flowers in at least one room.

    Many of the parents of my students work in the flower fields and the kids often bring me flowers. And many of the workers get to take the flowers home so on Friday nights they walk around the downtown boutique restaurants selling beautiful bouquets for $5. I never pass the flowers up.

    1. That is a great story. So sweet of your kids to bring you flowers. :)

  3. Wow!!! It is so amazing!!!! I love beautiful flowers. They help me to refresh my mind. Well Katie you have shared such an amazing pictures of fresh flowers . Thanks for sharing........

  4. You made ordinary flowers look special by putting them in unusual containers. I really like your ideas! Now here's something weird…in your second picture from the top, I have that same Ginger Wafers tin. I got it many years ago in London. I was just about to throw it out (I don't know why -- I think I was in an extreme purge mode) , but my husband wanted to keep it. Where did you get yours?

    1. That actually belongs to my sister in law. She found it at a little antique shop in Texas when she was decorating her lake house. I love it. It is so cute and vintage looking. I don't think I would purge it. I love stuff like that in food posts.

    2. Yes, I'm glad I didn't toss it (that purge was pre-blog)…maybe you'll see mine pop up in a post!