Monday, April 15, 2013

Master Bath Update- Part II

We have made some progress on the master bath. Nothing physical done yet, but progress none the less. 
I told that we are using a designer. I have a firm sense of what I like but I felt that I needed the expertise of someone who does this day in and day out. 

She indicated that the first step was to find our bathtub.

We are trading out the large whirlpool tub for a free standing tub. I have gone over and over pictures on the internet and in magazines for hours. 
I was a little nervous about picking out the tub. It is the most expensive element in the room and what if it is wrong? Our designer refered us to a bath and kitchen wholesale supplier.
Immediately our consultant was able to point us in the right direction.
Bill and I have tossed around the idea of a antique cast iron tub for a couple of years. We thought we could find one and have it refinished. We have even looked at them numerous times at our favorite archetural salvage store. 
A refinished tub was going to be about $1000.00. Of course I would love to find one in a horse pasture, but you never know if there are cracks and it would still have to be sent out for reglazing. The weight of a cast iron tub filled with water was a concern for me in a second story bathroom. I had visions of me crashing through the kitchen ceiling. 
Bill and I have spent weeks looking at the tubs available at the big box stores. We knew what was out there as a retail option. I was concerned about the quality. 
Within minutes of our arrival, our design consultant at the supply pointed us to a lighter weight limestone tub. 
The weight of this tub is only 115 lbs. How is that even possible?
Once the tub was chosen, we were able to move on to faucets. We debated getting the spray nozzle or not. We decided that even thought it added some visual distraction to the faucet we would regret not having the option of spraying down the dog after a bath. (I don't even think that I'm letting that dog in my tub.) I will love the spray nozzle for my nightly foot bath. :)
Ours will be chrome without the white porcelain knobs.
This for the shower and these for the sink.
These will have the little porcelain knobs to tie in with the white tub. 
It was so easy. 
It only took an hour. 
Our design consultant knew what we needed after just a few minutes of conversation. 
In minutes we had what we needed on order and it will be delivered at no charge. It was amazing. 

Buoyed on our success, we went by an outlet type of bath and kitchen store to look at bathroom vanities. We left without anything. We are back to the drawing board on that one because they were all very curvy and carved and just not us. 

Now that things are ordered it is time to start demo and pick out tile. 

I will tell you, that I was dreading picking out the tub. I thought it would be the most difficult part. 
I think it turned out to be the easiest.



  1. I would love a claw foot tub! Ours is hug too and does not have a whirlpool installed.Yes a difficult but fun decision!

  2. I would love a claw foot tub as well. The only way I could possibly afford one is if I found one in a cow pasture and had it reglazed too.
    I like this one...have fun with your bathroom Re-do!

  3. We have a claw-foot in our second floor bath. The only one in my house who bathes in it is the dog!