Friday, April 12, 2013

Sick Again

I have been sick again. 
I guess I really need to stop saying;
"I never get sick."
I've been sick at least twice this year. 
I have missed two days of school.
I hardly ever miss school.
I have a very low tolerance for medicine.
For some reason my body just does not do well with certain concoctions from the pharmacist.
At dinner I asked my husband what Bromfed D.M had in it.
He said it was "dizzyloopflakeyouout" medicine.
100 mili-liters. ;)
Apparently, I was a little spacey when he got home.
Rebekah asked me. "Why are you still awake?"

 A couple of years ago after I had surgery, I had to go 
cold turkey off the meds. 
 I woke up, ran across the room convinced there were bats flying around. 
 Of course by the time I reached the door knob and I had nearly popped a stitch, I realized I was just dreaming and it was the Tramadol making me "see" things. 

Even a Benadryl makes me sleep for hours and hours.
I have been zombie like for a couple days. 
Yesterday I tried to go to work, I'm sure I lost several minutes of our teacher luncheon just staring into space. 
 I am pretty sure I even lost a few city blocks on the way.
We have had a few stressful weeks, some of it I will share later, which is why I think my immune system is a little off. 
Usually, I am pretty impervious to the little germ factory that is the classroom. 
Not this time.

I have sat here all day reading and looking at my computer. 
It is has me thinking about my blog. 
It is probably not a good thing to do when on 
"dizzyloopflakeyouout" medicine. 
I wonder if my blog should be a bit more personal. 
Do you enjoy reading blogs that have a bit of personal content?
I want to respect my privacy and that of others but sometimes I don't get the feeling that you are really getting to know the "real" me or the real "us"
Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts unless you are spamming me again with your creepo website. 

I'm going to go sleep this off.

Tomorrow we have an appointment at the plumbing store to talk about bathtubs. :) 


  1. Oh my goodness. That is funny! I imagine you have to be careful to read the side effects of any medicine you take. Thinking I was seeing bats fly around me indoors would set me off too! I hope you start feeling better soon. My immune system gets run down when I'm stressed too. It's bad enough that you're stressed and then to be sick on top of that is just plain not fair!

  2. Yuck!
    I hate when that happens... all you're trying to do is just get well, and your mind retaliates and turns against you, bringing with it BATS~
    or in my case it was FROGS...long story.
    Hope you're well soon.

  3. I am amazed that teachers are not sick more often considering how our students pass on their germs and come to school sick. But, it always seems like as soon as we get a 3 day weekend or a break, then our immune system says, "I've held off for long enough and I want a rest".

    I hope you are feeling better and ready for school tomorrow. It isn't too much longer - 53 days until school is out for me.

    And, yes, I like reading blogs where people are a little more personal. I seem to follow so many blogs where the blogger is a teacher- great minds think alike.

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