Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bathroom Update III

Things are rolling along with the bathroom. 
This is what it looked like last summer
I prettied it up as much as I could but the tub was turning wacky colors.
Bill took a day off of work to do the majority of the demo. 
He smashed the cultured marble jetted tub into pieces and carried it out in contractor bags. 
We haven't used the thing in ages yet there was still water in the hoses. Yuck!
Next he demo-ed the shower.
As we suspected there was mold. 
It was primarily under the shelf 
but, it was also in the back left hand corner.
 Bill was not happy to see that the builder didn't bring the stud all the way to the sill plate. The wall moves if you push on it. 
The tile guy came to measure and to take a look at what construction will need to be done to rebuild the pan, fix the stud and repair the sill plates and then tile.  
He said that his part should only take about a week and a half.
He sent me back out to look at more tile samples. 
I need floor tile
 wall tile for the shower
 tile for the shower pan
bullnose edge tile 
and a boarder tile
I have picked all the tile except the tile for the shower pan. 
The next step was finding the vanity.
It was an ordeal.
We didn't want to keep our vanities because they are too narrow. Each section is only 24 inches wide. 
It doesn't have very functional storage and it is low. 
We want a more modern height hopefully with more drawers. Something that looks like furniture.
We searched and searched the internet. We were going to buy something from Seconds and Surplus, a local builder's supply outlet, but realized that getting a 67 inch vanity with a granite top and two sinks up the bend in the staircase would be impossible and these tops don't come off with out possibly cracking.
So I decided that we needed two vanities 30 inches wide. 
We can center them under the light fixtures.
We went back to the big box stores to look at their selection in person. 
I am glad we did. I wanted white. The white cabinets weren't true white, they weren't even off-white, they were cream.
The only one that was white had a Carrera Marble. Soaps, lotions and cleaners can etch the surface of Carrera. I don't want to have to nag my better half about chemicals on the bathroom counter. If the cabinet had been a regular shape I think we would have gotten two of these and replaced counters when they were worn out but these cabinets had an odd shape. The MDF was also chipping on the floor model.

I thought about getting a buffet and retro-fitting it for sinks. 
Typically they aren't deep enough.

We went to Home Depot and played with the ready made unfinished cabinets.
I actually really liked this option but Bill would have had to add feet and some other stuff to dress them up a little. 
It would have been about $350.00 for three cabinets. Very affordable but granite and sinks would have added to the cost. Again, Bill wasn't impressed with quality.
We looked at the custom cabinet options but felt they were expensive. 
Bill just kept pointing out that basically these are just boxes with doors. He could build them if he had time.  
                                          Traditional Bathroom Vanities And Sink Consoles by Other Metro Amazon
I went back to the surplus store in Dallas hoping to find something in a French style that I could paint. There was nothing with a white sink. I could live with a lot of things but I felt that the color of the sink had to match the color of the tub. I finally decided that I wasn't getting white vanities and could live without them. I will have plenty of white elsewhere. 
Instead we are getting these.
We weren't wild about the iron curlicues, but we feel we can change those out to something else. 
They have black granite and white sinks and I can always paint them gray later like our designer suggested. 
I don't know why I debated these. They have the cleaner lines we were going for and Bill liked them so much better than the other French Provincial vanities we saw.
Very cute, just not us.

I ordered them today and we can pick them up later in the week. 
I have a fairly light aesthetic in my living room and I love the pop of black from my entertainment unit. 
I think these vanities will give that same pop to my bathroom.
I will show you the tile selections in my next post.

My glammy tub is in and should be delivered as soon as the rest of the faucets come in. Once everything arrives the plumber will come to move drains and supply lines. 


  1. When we were doing a "quick" redo on our bathroom, the tile man found all sorts of issues from poor workmanship. What should have been a week became 5 months. That is definitely a problem when you have one bathroom. Long story, but we survived.

    Have fun finishing your bathroom.

  2. I agree! I think the dark vanities will look great! Very pretty!

  3. I think the black will be very striking! Looking forward to following your progress.

  4. Good choice on the vanities...what a fun project!

    1. Thank you, Anne. I am ready for this to be finished.

  5. Beautiful vanities. Your bathroom is going to look stunning.

  6. It's a fabulous update! I really loved the entertainment unit cause it's expressing all that can entertain anyone.

  7. I think you made a wise choice. Looking forward to seeing the final finish.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures