Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chalk Paint Picture Frames

While we are waiting for the stuff to come in for the bathroom update, I have been doing a few little projects in the dining room. I have been puttering with the remains of my can of CeCe Caldwell chalk paint. I didn't love using it on the powder room vanityBut I think I found some other uses for it.
When we cleaned out Bill's little Granny Vi's house she had these cute prints. 
I don't think they were expensive. In fact I saw a sticker on one of them that said they came from Ben Franklin which used to be a Five and Dime in these parts. She gave me the little one years and years ago. In fact it was one of our first pieces of wall decoration when we got married. 
While they all look very similar. The frame colors were a little off. I decided to unify them with chalk paint.  
I think I have almost come to end of my list of furniture to be painted but I still wanted more white, particularily in the dining room.
These little prints will replace some of the moldy gold frames I had in that room.
I love how it has changed these look of them and lightened up the room.

Once I started, I couldn't really stop. 
The mirror in here reflects the chandelier. I tried going without it once but I missed all 
the sparkle reflected back.
I got the frame for the mirror at a garage sale in the 90's. Some of the gesso was broken off so it wasn't too precious by any means.

I love how everything is more unified and
it flows better with the other rooms downstairs.
It goes well with the tray I just made last week. 
Thanks for having a look.


  1. What a difference! It gives the room an updated look, and I love how it ties together with the tray on the table. Bravo!

  2. LOL it is amazing how addictive painting can be.Yep that is me with a can of white paint and a brush there is no stopping me ;-) .All of your projects turned out beautifully!

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