Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bathroom Update V

We have had a busy week. It seemed like the bathroom remodel was slow, slow, slow but then once all the plumbing and tile was in it flew by.
During the last update I shared that the plumbers were here. 
It took about 7 hours for the plumbers to move all the supply lines and hook up the new pressure valve for the shower.

The tile guys met the plumber here Monday morning to look at the position of the tub so they would know where to put the shower pan. It is all a tight fit and the whole thing made me nervous just like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. 
That is for my sister.

Tuesday they added all the concrete backer board and built and poured the shower pan. 
Wednesday they tiled the shower
Thursday they tiled the floor.
Friday morning they grouted. 
The tile guy said it would take two weeks and it only took one.
As Bill said, "They under promised and over delivered."
It made me so happy!

Now it was our turn to crank it out.
Bill and I got to work as soon as we ate dinner Friday night.
He went to Home Depot for supplies. 
I covered up all the new tile and got up on the ladder and started scraping popcorn off of the ceiling. 
As soon as that was done I rolled on the new paint.
( I have no pictures of this because it was horrible and I was very crabby.)
I had paint issues this weekend. The first one was with the ceiling paint. I bought Valspar. It goes on pink and dries white. Well I have to say I didn't love the product at all. It was steaky and thin. I had to keep rolling on more and more coats. I should have gotten to Sherwin Williams.
The next morning I did all the cutting in of the ceiling paint. 
At this point I still thought I would keep the Sherwin Williams Stamped Concrete color. 
I love SW but I was a little frustrated that they discontinue colors and paints so often. I had Stamped Concrete for about 6 years. I needed to do some touch ups so Bill got me more paint. The new color didn't match the old color because they changed formulas and it looked a little greener instead of blue/gray. So in order to touch up, I had to repaint the whole wall. That is what I was doing the day I found the mold. 
I had two walls that were the old color and two walls that were the new color. I was trying not to get any paint on the two walls that were the old color but the ceiling paint was so thin that it dripped like crazy. Now I had to repaint the two walls that were the old Stamped Concrete. Since I didn't love the new Stamped Concrete I went to get new paint. 
Ay yi yi!
I finished painting the walls Saturday night. The new color is Gray Screen. It is a light blue/gray and very pretty.
(and I have a whole can of the same formula to do touch ups.) I chose this color because I wanted a light blue that reads grayer rather than baby blue. 
Sunday morning I got up and started painting the trim. 
White Duck by Sherwin Williams. 
It's what I have been using for my various paint projects.
It will be my new trim color throughout the house once I get motivated to start painting doors.

 Bill spent all weekend fixing sheetrock, cutting trim for the baseboards and making the surround for the tub.
His millwork on the new windowsills is amazing. We had water damage where the windows leaked.

He picked out the trim. I love it!
  Poor thing, he had to make several trips to Home Depot for the right supplies. He worked like a trooper and by Sunday night we were both exhausted. My legs ached from climbing and up and down that twelve foot ladder. 
The plumbers were here this morning installing all the faucets. :)
This afternoon the glass guy comes to measure for the shower surround.  
I will be fluffing and staging and then it will be time for the reveal!
Here is a sneak peak.


  1. Oh wow! it all looks like great progress.
    So you must tell me, is it hard to scrape a ceiling? I mean...I know it's work, not afraid of work...but over all, did that part go pretty well? And once you started painting...and the besides the extra coats, the finished ceiling looks good?
    I need to do this in my bedroom and bathroom. I'm so dreading it.
    Sorry for all the questions-- but was just curious.
    the sink bases look so pretty. I can't wait to see your reveal. :)

    1. I will tell you that it is not hard. I did it dry. The popcorn goes everywhere. I tried wearing a mask but it was too hot up on the ladder with a mask. The hardest part was moving the big ladder. We have pretty tall ceilings in there so that is what made it so hard. It looks good. Does it look $1,200 dollars good, no. That is what we spent on our kitchen. To me I saved a ton of money on an already expensive reno. If you do it wet as the tutorials suggest you end up with a perfectly smooth ceiling that you then have to texture and paint. My friend showed me that if I did it dry it looks a little like orange peel texture but the paint can go right on top of that. No inbetween step with the texture. I will do a longer post on it. I have done it both ways. I like dry better.

  2. This looks so pretty! Our home improvement projects always require multiple trips to Home Improvement stores as well. Nothing ever seems to go the perfect way it seems to go on those home improvement shows! You've done a great job! Catherine (new follower)

    1. Thank you, Catherine. I am Katharine. :) I love it with a C. Thanks for following. It has been messy but it is worth it. I get my shower glass next week and then I will do a reveal post.

  3. Wow your bathroom is looking amazing! Love your separate vanity's! I would love to do that someday!

    1. We couldn't get a single with the top up the stairs. We had to go with two. Bill will like it better as my stuff always used to morph over to his side. Now he has his own. ;) At least for right now.

  4. Ai yi yi is right! What a lot of work in a single weekend, oh my! It looks fabulous, but I have to tell you right off the bat, I thought the photo of what looks like a double sink with the lovely mirrors and the wall arrangement on the right side with the bluish-grey paint was an "after" picture. Shows you how much I know. I was much struck by how you arranged that wall and thought it was great looking, and am now thinking about where I might copy that very same look. I love it! So, I am looking forward to the final reveal, and hope you and your husband do not work yourselves into a breakdown before it's all done!

    1. Bill is making me banish the gold frames and mirrors. They are now in the kid's bath which will be a guest bath. I love that look and originally I saw it at my aunt's house.

  5. Oh it is going to be gorgeous. I love it. Hugs, Marty

  6. There are two things that Katie said that I can vouch for (having a personal experience and all):
    1. Saturday she was very crabby (I was too)
    2. She will try to encroach in to my vanity space.

    1. I promise I will try not to encroach on your vanity space. :)

  7. This is a gorgeous makeover. You must be very excited. Those vanities are perfect and look especially pretty because of the window!

    1. Thanks. I just love staring at it. I can't wait to do a reveal.

  8. Your workers were fast; they finished a lot in just one whole week! Anyway, I like the new paint on your bathroom. It looks so fresh, clean and calm. Also, your d├ęcor are all simple but very beautiful! I wonder what else will be revealed as you finish decorating your bathroom. Keep on posting!

  9. My mom had the oval pic with the lady on it ... brought back memories.

  10. The progress is astounding! I see that things have been rolling nicely, and what's even better is that you picked contractors that “under promised and over delivered" according to Bill. What could top that, right? And also, I love the color of the walls. Though problems rose one after the other while you were painting, it's still great to see that the paint ended up beautifully. Well, good luck to more of your house projects!
    Keith @ Handy Pro