Thursday, June 13, 2013

Red and White Dishes.

One of the first things I wanted do with my summer was to go junking. 
I just haven't had much time to do that this spring. 
As soon as I was done at school I hit one of my favorite thrifts. 

I went out again the next morning. 
 Arlington Resale had 25 percent off everything in the store.

I was thrilled to find that the tablecloth was Williams Sonoma. 
It will go with some white napkins I found over the holidays. 
All this red inspired me to pull out my red dishes. 
When we had the kitchen cabinets painted last fall, I loaded them with my brown transferware.
The brown goes better with my collections of pumpkins, turkeys and gingerbread men. I meant to change things up in January, but I didn't feel like it. 
Transferware is wonderful to collect in a variety of colors.
A copper plate was used to print the design on tissue paper and the tissue paper was then laid on the clay. 
In my years of antiquing I've noticed that blue is the easiest color to find. 
 Mulberry (purple) is the most rare. 

The teacup is Mason's China. 
This pattern is gorgeous and very collectable. 
It's my favorite of all the red dishes but 
it's hard to find at a price I want to pay.
The larger plate is also Mason's.
The smaller plate is some hotel china that I found last summer at Goodwill. 
Only a few pieces of my red and white are
 vintage transferware. The rest is a mix of thrifty finds. The teapot is Old Britain Castles by Johnson Brothers. I picked up at an outlet store.

My cow pitchers make me think of my grandmother. Too cute.
I found the chicken at my favorite thrift.
The milk bottle was Pier 1 clearance. 
Red and white kitchens can be very kitsch or more elegant.
I like a mix of both. 
 I'm not sure when red and white kitchens were in favor but I have a feeling every generation has had a version of the red and white kitchen. Tomato red was popular in the 70's. The first house I lived in as an adult had tomato red laminate countertops. :) I wish I had a picture of those.
Two of Bill's little aunts had red and white kitchens. 
In fact Mason's was his little Aunt Louine's everyday china.

His Aunt Doris had a treasure trove of vintage red and white utensils, canisters and other items. She wasn't trying to decorate vintage. It was all original from when her house was built in the 1940's.
I found some super cute pins on Pinterest by searching for red and white kitchens. 
Some of them looked like Aunt Doris' old kitchen.
Having the white cabinets is fun because I can change my accent colors for the seasons.

I love, love the red in the white cabinets.

It's fun for summer.
and it just pops.
I love it!
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  1. I just love the phrase, "go junking!" I've never heard that before! I also really love transfer ware (I have a few random pieces, and I don't think any of it is real vintage stuff), and think your collection of reds in the cabinet looks great. I often seem to notice something in your posts that I also have (once it was that tin), and today it is the piece hanging on your wall to the left of your cabinet. If I am seeing it correctly, it is what you rest an iron on. I don't have an identical one, but very similar…hanging in my laundry room! I enjoy your posts!

    1. I noticed the same thing. I have a couple of the black pheasant dishes. Thanks for coming by and always taking time to leave a comment. :)

  2. You're off to a great start! Red and white transferware is my very favorite.

  3. Great finds! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!