Monday, July 15, 2013


My husband and I are going on a cruise to Alaska to
celebrate our 30th anniversary.

I have to tell you it has been difficult deciding what to bring. 
We only want to take one bag each. 
That isn't too difficult for him but very hard for me. 
Here is the first thing I should have done. Research and shop early. I should have researched the weather for the month and days back in the winter. I have packed all my winter clothes away and while we don't need many warm clothes, we do need a few layers.
I should have shopped during the winter sales for jeans, hoodies, etc. Now that it is time to go, all that is in the stores are summer clothes. I really wanted a pair of red skinny jeans but couldn't anything in my size.
I'm blogging about this because when I looked on-line I couldn't find very much info. 

We need two formal outfits.
I did get those early but I had to try them on again to make sure I didn't buy them right after a stomach bug or a week where I ate a lot of salad. When I tried them on the other day I wasn't thrilled about either option so I started looking for anything in my closet that is formal. Flip flopping the little jackets makes me love both dresses. I am just going to wear my little everyday studs and change out my necklace. I may bring my pearls.
This isn't a dress up kind of trip so we have two opposite types of clothes we need. 
We have days that we are cruising and days when we are on excursions. 
We will probably be exploring the boat a little on cruising days so we need outfits for shopping etc. 

I only want to take 5 pairs of jeans but I need outfits for 14 days.
So by mixing and matching outfits and sticking to 3 main color combinations, I can come up with 14 different outfits. 
I created some boards on Polyvore to help think through the mix and match process. Do you play with Polyvore? 
Check it out. It is so much fun. 
I'm sticking with gray, black and navy with a little red thrown in. These are components I all ready own. I had to buy some shoes. Look closely in the first outfit and you can see the $350 hoodie. I love hoodies but I wouldn't spend that much for one. 
 I have a drip dry rain jacket that I am taking and a couple of good pairs walking/hiking shoes but they were too ugly to picture. :)
I will throw in a hat, scarf, sunglasses and some gloves for the glacier. We have binoculars and cameras. 
We went by the camera store to make sure we have sufficient memory cards. 
Hopefully all this will fit in my suitcase.

I am taking an e-reader to cut down on the amount of reading material I carry on. I will take one paperback for take off and landing or I'll buy a magazine in the airport newspaper stand. 
I am so excited.
I'll let you know how my outfit selections work.
I'll do my best to blog along the way but I can't promise anything. Banker Bill says WiFi is very expensive. 
I have some posts that are set to publish, so check back in. 


  1. Hi Katie! Congratulations on your 30th! My husband and I will be celebrating our 30th in August. You are smart to stick with a certain wardrobe color palette. I try to do the same thing and it does save space. Hope you have a terrific cruise. Drop by when you get a chance!
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

    1. I will, Thank you! I hope we have a wonderful time.

  2. Happy 30th Anniversary, Katie! What a fabulous way to celebrate! Have a fantastic time…the scenery in Alaska is beyond breathtaking! You will be posting about it for months!

  3. Happy Happy 30th Katie!!!!!!!
    I have heard that the Alaska cruise is one of the most beautiful of all !!!
    5 pairs of Jeans are MORE than enough - especially mix matching -
    Have the time of your life :)

    1. I am thinking about taking a pair out but we will be gone 2 weeks. Thank you.

  4. Happy Anniversary Katie! Have a wonderful time!

  5. I had a heck of a time figuring out clothes, since Fairbanks was in the 90s but then glacier bay would be super cold! over the 2 weeks, I mostly wore everything I packed, including sandals and fall boots!

    1. We had no idea Fairbanks would be in the 90's. I was stalking my weather app. and it didn't say anything about that. I wore it all too. I didn't wear my shorts until the land portion but I am so glad I had them for the trip home and for Talkeetna and Denali. Crazy up there and to think it can get to 40 below!