Friday, July 12, 2013

Where "Let's Add Sprinkles" Creates

I tried having an office. I really did.
But it was up in the very back corner of the house. 
I didn't want to be stuck in the back corner of the house. 
I want to be where the action is. 
I have several places where I create for 
"Let's Add Sprinkles".

In the spring and summer I like to create in the garden room.

I pull up my little ottoman and my little C table (and maybe a snack) and enjoy my favorite room. 

If I am working on a big project, I create at the wonderful table my dad made.

I haven't babied this table. 
I've scrapbooked, painted and set up my sewing machine in here. 
The table gets better and better with age and patina.


I create in the kitchen. 
The island is a perfect height for working on something if I need to stand.

The lighting is great over the island, so this is my go-to spot especially in the evening. 

I can morph my stuff over to table if I need to.

I think that my favorite space to work throughout the year is the living room. I sit on the couch and I might watch some T.V. while I am working. I really love true crime shows like Snapped and 48 Hours. Fictional crime shows scare me but not these for some reason. 

My foot stool is so light I grab it and take it to the room where I am currently working. 

We got this stool at Pier One Imports. 
It is sold to go with their papasan chair but we love it.  I went back and got another one for Bill for his office. It's light weight so I can bring it from room to room. It ends up being a footrest, lunch tray or desk. 


My favorite DIY project is the main view for me and I am in the middle of activity when the kids are in and out.

It is not usually this neat when I am writing, studying or getting inspired.

It looks a little chaotic when I am burning the midnight oil.
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  1. Everything in your home looks so pretty. You know, I do have an office but still tend to end up in the kitchen or family room. Nobody wants to be alone.

  2. I love your garden room! But then again, all of your rooms are so pretty. That chandelier in the kitchen is great!

    1. Thanks, Amy. I got it at the Re-store and revamped it.

  3. Looks like you have a lot of choices of where to blog from! I enjoyed getting to see a small tour of your pretty home! Your kitchen is very pretty with all the white cabinets and crystal drop chandelier. I usually blog in my kitchen at the desktop computer. But, I love to relax in the family room with the tv on and the laptop in front of me. That's my favorite combo!

    1. We don't even have a desk top anymore. I love my laptop!

  4. Katie, so happy to meet and pleased to have a new follower. I LOVE the table your Dad made, its splendid!! You have plenty of places to create and I usually use the dining room table. I have a large room downstairs but it needs some updating--I need a bright space to feel inspired. I'm following you back.

    1. Thanks, Ann. I was happy to find you too. I am finally getting around to blog hopping this summer. Thanks for following.

  5. Your home is lovely! I have the same creative space as you.....sewing in the master bedroom, painting in the basement, etc.

    1. :) It sure keeps me from getting bored but then again it seems there can be mess everywhere.

  6. You have beautiful places to create!
    I had thought about doing a similar post...because I'm all over the place when I create too...but all my photos look chaotic...I'd have clean up then!

    love your family room and that sun room.
    Have fun creating. --thanks for the tour, Pat

    1. I have company coming so it was clean. Thanks for stopping in.