Saturday, August 24, 2013

Laundry Room Clean Up

It's been a while since I have spent any time spiffing up the laundry room.
I am thrilled to be off every Monday and every other Wednesday. 
I told you about my brush with retirement in this post. 
Thankfully something didn't feel right about it. 
Teaching part time is the best of both worlds.
Having a day or two to create and maintain our home is such a gift!


 Monday will be our new laundry day.
When both of us were working full time we were in a rush to get it all done and put away in case anyone else stopped by to borrow the washer.  It has been a juggling act and invariably I wasn't able to keep it tidy. 
I brightened up the edge of the shelves with some left over paint.
They were really worn looking after 20 years.  

I still love the Hobby Lobby shelf brackets I installed last summer. 
They add a lot of cute for only $32.00. 
That original post gets Google hits on a regular basis.  

 We still hope to get cabinets but at this point there doesn't seem to be a need now that we are almost empty nesters.
It's not like I have to have a sorting system or anything at this point.

 I updated the window treatment last fall. 
This little window has been easy to do over the years.
I just re-use the wooden board that has been here since we moved in. 

I have stapled any number of pieces of fabric to this board to create different looks.

  I sewed some left over jute webbing to a 4 x 5 foot drop cloth. I folded it in half and pressed it. That way the valance is self lined to make sure it isn't too sheer.  

I didn't even have to staple this one to the board. It is just draped across and tucked in between the board and the wall. I did use a thumb tack or two to create the folds on the side.

I got my shutters at a garage sale. I originally needed them to cover up our foggy double paned windows. We've since gotten that fixed but I still love their chipped charm.

The laundry has to look good because it is right off of the kitchen.

I've used this antique iron as a door stop for years.

It came from my grandparent's house. I'm not sure why they kept it except that they never threw much away. :)

Bill has put a board behind the dryer to keep it out far enough so that the dryer hose doesn't get kinked. I have a tendency to push the dryer back too far.

I can't pull the washer out any further because of the window sill. The unevenness drives me nuts but I would rather have that than a fire from dryer lint not being able to get out of the hose.

I love having a cute place to do laundry and I love having the time to keep it straightened up. 
So blessed! 

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  1. Katie, I missed the post about the brush with retirement but I'm so glad you are going to get to work part time. I loved teaching so much but it sure takes all of your time. You'll have the best of both worlds. :)

    Your laundry room is great. Those shelves are wonderful. Love your window treatment.

  2. Glad you have the work/life balance thing figured out. Part time work seems ideal! I think your laundry room is great - it has such a vintage feel. Love it!

  3. Oh I would love to have a laundry on the main floor. Ours is downstairs and it rarely gets "spruced up" because it is out of sight. You have inspired me to do some straightening and adding. I really like all of your little touches, the baskets, enamel ware and metal brackets. Great job.

  4. Looks great...wish my laundry room was this bright and cheery :)

  5. Wow, it looks so nice! Love the open shelves!

  6. Love, love, love it all. Your old iron collection is wonderful and I love how you have decorated the shelves and your wall collage. What a great laundry room. I would love for you to link up to my ongoing party - Inspire Me -- Hope to see you there. Hugs, Marty

  7. I love laundry rooms maybe because i don't have one:) Mine is in the garage, yours is just beautiful!

  8. A great looking laundry room. Can you share the source of the metal brackets via my email: Thank you.

  9. Looks rather pleasant, with some good natural lighting on the side. If there's one of a few place in the house that needs regular cleaning the most, either through DIY or professional service, I guess it's laundry rooms. Seems you've been doing a pretty banged up job there as well. Great job.

    Deidra @ Minuteman

  10. Great, a cute place to do laundry!