Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Don't Skip Apples For Fall Decor


I am already seeing some pumpkins out on the internet. 
I don't know about you, but I would be heartily sick of all that orange by the time Halloween rolls around.   

Don't skip apples! 
They aren't just for eating, although I read that eating an apple will perk up the body more than a cup of coffee.

I am going to try it next time I'm in the midst of an afternoon slump.

I love apples for decorating! They give a subtle nod to fall without all the orange and they tide me over until it's time to break out the scarecrows.
I've sprinkled a mix of real and faux around the house.

I think I found this ceramic apple at Hobby Lobby. 
They have bags of cute fake ones in the floral department. 

 I found the end of an apple crate at the antique mall by my school. It was only $12.00 and I love it. 
Franciscan apple dishes are available in almost every antique store. The pattern has been around since the 1940s. 

I will search out seasonal stuff when surfing eBay or if I am  shopping at an antique mall. 
It always gives me something to look for. 


September used to be the season for apples in the markets and grocery stores. Maybe that is why it is such a popular decorating motif for so many classrooms. 
Remember when school used to start in September?
I'm on my second week of school already. 

I found the pretty crackle finish apple at Cracker Barrel. 
It is a great place to find seasonal decor. 

Last year I made fabric apples out of calico. 
You can read about it here. 

I'd almost forgotten about them until I was looking through old photos from last September.

The greenware bowl came from my mother-in-law. 

 The little painting is one of my favorite apple things. 
I bought it off of eBay and was surprised because it was much smaller than I thought it would be. 
I have no idea how someone can paint something so small. It's only about 2x3 inches. 
 I love it. 

Rebekah painted this one for me a few years ago. 
It was very tolerant of her considering she and her friends thought I was another level of crazy with all my seasonal decorating. 

Who knew I was just prepping for blogging? 

I am a little impatient for fall to get here. 
I'm ready for cooler temperatures but I'll
be holding off on any crafting or decorating.

I've been Pinning fall images and a Halloween magazine 
is on my reading list for Labor Day weekend. 

Just because I am not actually decorating doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it. 

Don't like apples?
How about the sunflower?

Either way,
 I hope you enjoy the change of seasons as much as I do.


  1. I think your calico apples are so cute!!The bowl makes a nice presentation. I try to hold off fall decorating until Oct too. My Sis bought me a Longaberger Pumpkin basket at an auction this summer, excited to use it.

  2. I'm with you, Katie…it seems a little early to me for pumpkins. Here in the northeast, school hasn't started yet, and won't till Sept. 9. I usually don't put out my fall decor until the end of September. But maybe this year, I'll have to do it early in order to make it "timely" for blogland! By late September, pumpkins will be passe and Holiday decor will be flooding the internet! I like your various apple displays, especially that tiny painting.

  3. I'm decorating with both apples and pumpkins. I love apples and combine them with almost everything.