Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pillow Ticking


It was during a cross country road trip that I discovered the beauty and luxury of feather pillows.     

I adopted one that was in the back seat of the vehicle we took.

I love how down feels but I also love the stripe of the ticking.

There is the material used for actual feather pillows and then there is the fabric that has a ticking look. I have used both in my living room.

I found this darling ticking at Walmart this summer. It was only about 5 or 6 dollars a yard.

I sewed up a few accent pillows and filled them with polyfill. 
Down fill wouldn't work with this fabric.

Actual ticking is thicker, with a finer weave to prevent the feathers from getting through.

Some still manage to work their way out but it's more difficult.
I had two older pillows that used to be my favorite until they lost too many feathers. 

I have had to re-tick others over the years and it is a frustrating 
hilarious endeavor. 
These didn't have to be re-ticked but I did want to consolidate the feathers. 
I'd been putting it off.

 I took them outside and opened one end on each. 
 I carefully poured the feathers from one pillow into the other. 

It looks like snow as the down invariably floats and flies all over the yard!
Ay, yi, yi!

It's so soft and comfortable that it's worth the mess! 


Savvy Southern Style


  1. Your living room is lovely. I really love stained glass and ticking! Have a blesses day!



  2. Love your pillows! They look great in your room...so comfy, warm and inviting.


    Not really Anonymous...just don't have a blog...

  3. Pilllow ticking brings back good memories of childhood at my grandmother's house!

  4. I love that ticking fabric!All of your pillows work perfectly together!