Saturday, August 31, 2013


We have had a pest control problem!

 I've been a little un-nerved this spring and summer by some unwelcome visitors in the garden room.  I'd caught a couple of tree lizards hanging out on the wall. I assumed they snuck in the sliding door but it turns out they could come and go through the dog door. They really didn't need to go out because they had a daily supply of dog food and water.
I was able to get this picture of one them sunning on the dog door,
now called the lizard door. 

This is the bigger one and he's about 8 or 9 inches long. 
We keep the door from the garden room to the kitchen open most of the time and twice we found my lizard friend in the house. 
Once he was on the stairs and once he was in the pantry. 

He found a mate, and together they added one more. I evicted them a couple of times before Bill promised to fix the dog door. When we saw four on the wall one day a few weeks ago, Rebekah and I went lizard hunting. We had a hilarious time chasing them up and down the wall. It was a little creepy but we found that grabbing them with a shop towel made it a little less creepy. 

 Exotic Tree Lizard

We set them free so they can live happily ever after under the deck.
They should find plenty to eat and they will be safe from the cat!

He is beautiful !
We locked the lizards out and 

Bill installed the new dog door.

Hopefully they will respect the new boundaries and not take advantage of our hospitality.




  1. Oh my I know for sure I would not like that...but my cat would ;-)

  2. Oh cool! They almost look like young horned lizards or horny toads, as I grew up calling them. ;)

  3. Eewwww! I hate when critters invade the house! Love your garden room, though!

  4. That reptile looks wonderful but for sure that it can still harm someone. There are already sprays for reptiles and other pests that would surely make your home free from those creepy pests that only a few liked.

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  6. Although, it's harmless, that lizard is unnerving! It's nice of you to not kill it. I wouldn't too, for as long as it won't go anywhere near me. You're right about it setting free. But if it's another breed of unwelcome visitors like bugs, termites and mosquitoes, that's then I would pick up a fight against critters. Jeffrey @