Saturday, November 9, 2013

Unconventional Cornucopias

I told you about my cornucopia bias. 
I am in recovery with the wacky one I made out of chicken wire and drop cloths.

I wondered if any conical shape item would work as a cornucopia.
I love them filled with dried flowers and acorns.

I saw a rusty spring in the garage and decided to use it with some dried Oak Leaf Hydrangea blooms I had from June. (This is the only kind of Hydrangea I can grow.)
It didn't work until I wrapped it with burlap.

I dying at how cute this goofy thing is. 

It balances early and late fall with my little concrete squirrel and a glammy walnut shaped box.

Who knew? 
What other cone shaped things do I have around here????

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