Friday, November 8, 2013

Furniture Swap and Advice?

Hi blogger friends,
I have a question today.
Rebekah and I traded some furniture so I have a complete bedroom suite in the garage. 
It is Hepplewhite in style in a cherry finish from the 40s, I believe. 
20 years ago, I would have loved to have this set but now I'm not so sure.
In my picking and gathering method of furnishing a home, I have had no bedroom suites.
 Part of me would love to finally have a complete matching set of bedroom furniture but I am over dark, cherry stained wood. 
I don't know if I should paint it or not.
 I have a painted furniture board over on Pinterest but is the painted furniture craze coming to a crescendo?
I don't want to be late to the party only to find that I would love this stained furniture again. 
I have refinished plenty of pieces to know I don't want to do that in a few years and 
I vividly remember my mom's avocado green piano.
I painted Rebekah's room last night and I am styling it today.
 I lost my shabby and white space when my youngest moved back in with us this summer. 
Read about it his room before here.
It was one of my first blog posts, so be kind.
 I went with white walls because I am sick of the dark walls. I wanted to try white for a change. I've haven't painted a room pure white since our house in Lubbock in 1990.
I like is so far. 
This room has been white, Celadon, Tiffany Blue, khaki and dark Moss.
Bill came home from his trip last night and said it's green.
It is not green.
It's a mixture of Glidden and Colorplace white.
Off the shelf: pre-mixed- white. Argh!  
This house just reads green. I didn't want to buy our house when we first saw it because I was convinced the carpet was Celadon green.  My realtor called the owner and she confirmed it was gray.??! She had the original order for the carpet. Gray!
(I've had problems with all my grays reading green….) Hmmm.

Back to the furniture.
I love white furniture with white walls but it would be a beating to have to paint all that furniture 
 I have Gene to contend with…
Who is Gene?
I am so glad you asked. 

This is Gene. Gene is a family heirloom that belonged to a state Senator or Representative. It was in his office down in Austin at the capitol. Rebekah named it during her childhood.  
Rebekah hopes to have Gene in a home someday but can't take it at this time. I am ready to move Gene out of here but he has a dysfunctional leg from being moved too many times.

This is what Bekah said after she saw the room.
1. "It looks smaller."
2. It looks likes I dumped all the furniture outcasts in it.
3. "I hate the color of the washstand and the bed."

Gene, the washstand and the bed are all the same color so what is she going to do about Gene if she doesn't like the color?

So I am conflicted.
Scrap it all and start over? 
I think I better stock up on disposable paint brushes.


  1. I don't feel very qualified to give any advice as a) my house is a mess, only at the beginning of its remodeling journey - b) I have the same hesitations as you have about painting furniture.
    But I'd say you shouldn't care about trends being up or down. I've always loved a mix of wood furniture and painted furniture, from the very first place I decorated, my student room in Paris, so I'll keep going with this, be it trendy or not!

    1. I agree. I like a mix. I may paint the washstand because I got it at Salvation Army and I think it had already been refinished.

  2. Is that the same Gene that used to be red?

    1. Yes, I stripped it years ago. The leg is broken so it really isn't in great shape. Bill just doesn't have time to fix it.