Saturday, January 11, 2014

The White Desk

I loved our little desk in the kitchen.


I loved the little desk after I painted it white.

For some reason, I just wasn't wild about the desk in the kitchen after it was white. 
It didn't make sense to me but I had a plan. 
I originally planned to swap the pie safe from the laundry room and the kitchen desk.

The desk could go in the laundry room and I could use it as a sewing table. 
The pie safe could go in the kitchen. (I liked the pie safe in the laundry room but it was a bit big.)
I measured the height of the pie safe but I forgot to measure the width of the desk. 
Rebekah and I moved the pie safe into place and then realized that the desk wouldn't fit. 
I loved the pie safe in the kitchen so there was no way the desk was going  back into that spot.
I decided that the drop leaf table from Aunt Louine could be given away and in it's place we could put the desk.

Please don't cry any tears about us giving away the drop leaf table. I realize that it was probably almost 100 years old and it could actually be called antique but it was dysfunctional. I felt so sorry for the kid who always had to straddle the side when we used this as a kitchen table. 

That child (the baby) probably needs years of counseling to get over the fact that his parents would not invest in a table that we could all fit around. 
Oh my gosh!
(light bulb moment)
Maybe that is why Jonnie told his Jr. High teacher that he was a mistake. 
(He confused accident with mistake. Whoops.)
ANYWAY, his teacher thought we were horrible people for telling our child he was a mistake, something we would never have done, but we did mention that he wasn't planned when he was old enough to understand. 


Okay back to the desk.
 Love, love, love. 
White desk under white shelf.

I left the shelf the same as it was for Christmas. I added the darling tin chalkboard. Bill and Bekah found it at Target. It was my favorite thing in my Christmas stocking. 

Why didn't I think of this before?
The curvy lines of the desk mimic the lines of the shelf.
Ay, yi, yi!
I've spent angsty years looking for a perfect match for that shelf. 
Happy Accident. 
Jonnie is one too.

Have a lovely day,
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  1. It looks like a hutch that was made for the desk, but only better because it's not sitting on it. The desk looks so perfect in that spot, and brightens up the room. I really like the window frame leaning on the desk, too.

  2. Isn't it funny how all of a sudden you have that light bulb moment and after years of looking for the right piece, it's been right under your nose all the time? I love your white desk under the shelf, and I'm going to look for that darling tin chalkboard at Target. So cute!!

    My husband is the oldest of 12 and he told his 3rd grade teacher that he was an only child. Wishful thinking? hehe

  3. Ha!
    cute story. Funny what kids take away from a casual conversation.
    Anyway, back to the desk. It does look so pretty there. I'm about to have my first piece of painted furniture in my living room. Right now, there are different wood tones... but that is ok. I'll keep them.
    Now...did I miss the picture of that beautiful pie safe in it's new home? Is that yet to come?
    I want to see it!


  4. I enjoyed your story. The desk looks pretty there, You wouldn't know the hutch was original to the desk.

  5. Don't you love when that happens? :)
    The desk looks perfect there!

  6. They really do look like they belong together! That was great combo.