Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Grandma Staege's Sewing Table

I showed you the shelf I put in above the washer and the dryer.  
I also did some furniture shuffling. If you are following this riveting story, you might have seen the white desk post. 
One of the changes I made by default was moving my great grandmother's sewing machine table back into the laundry room.

Emma Marie Emilie Staege Lueke was so proud of her New Home Sewing Machine.

That is a mouthful!

She took such good care of it that I still have some of the original accessories to the machine. 

I certainly couldn't use it as a sewing machine anymore but it didn't make a good end table either. At this point in my life I prefer to have things that I can use for something not for purely sentimental reasons. 

So I took off the cover and the sewing machine and stowed them away. 

I love using the laundry room as a makeshift butler's pantry during a party. I had to do something about the well in the middle of it if I was going to use this piece as a little serving table.

The well served a purpose when this was a sewing machine but not as a table for overflow food.
I had hoped that we had a piece of scrap lumber about the right size so I could make a top. There wasn't one so I asked Bill to cut one for me. 
He cut the piece and then put an edge on it so it will set securely over the top of the sewing machine table. He cut the top about three inches deeper so we could have more surface. 

I still wanted the cute details of the drawers to show.

I did however want to disguise the dryer hose that runs behind it.

I made a little flirty skirt out of drop cloth material and stapled it to the middle drawer. I don't notice the vent when I walk in the room and the skirt matches the paint on the top. 

I love having a lamp in the laundry room. 

We've gained some floor space in this tight room. 

painted the top of the table with a coat or two of CeCe Caldwell chalk paint in Vintage White.

I love being able to use family stuff in a new way.

We already used this for two dinners over Christmas. 
It was great to have a place to set the desserts until we finished dinner. 
The challenge now will be keeping it free from clutter!
Stay tuned for the next spine tingling chapter in this story; the pie safe!  
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  1. What a great, practical idea and the little corner looks great! Love the d├ęcor! What a statement!


  2. Why couldn't it be used as a sewing machine anymore?

    1. It is over 100 years old. It is pedal driven with a leather belt. I had two belts but they broke years ago. I'm sure it could sew but it wouldn't be very efficient. :)
      Thanks for stopping in.

  3. That is one of the perks of having grown kids. They do their own laundry. :)

  4. It looks great, Katie. It would make me very happy every time I walked in the room. I like the little sewing machines on the top, and the little blue burlap board on the right.

  5. What a fantastic way to make a sentimental piece more functional! Absolutely love it. Love that darling blue frame with the burlap, too!