Friday, January 17, 2014

Roses & Spring

 It is a beautiful day in Texas. A gorgeous 71 degrees. The problem with these types of days is that it feels like spring but it's not.

We usually have a warm up this time of year but then we get hammered again with cold weather. 

It had me thinking about flowers and since nothing is going on outside, I picked these up at the grocery store. 
I plunked them in a large canning jar and this adorable basket from Walmart. The basket was only $2.98. 
They still had them a few weeks ago if you hurry….

I wish I could grow roses. 
I can't.

My yard just doesn't have enough sun. 

I know how to grow them, when to prune them etc. 
I just don't have any luck with them. 

I have some climbing roses in red that bloom once a year. 
I never have to do a thing with them but they only bloom in April.

Growing tea roses? Not so much. 
I do have one bush of miniature roses.
I got a small plant from one of my students years ago. 
I planted it by chance and it has taken off.  

One little tiny flower in a 3 inch pot became a bush three feet tall by four feet wide. 
The roses above were from that bush. 
They are the most beautiful in November when these pictures were taken. 
Such a gorgeous shade of pink. 
I don't know why November blossoms seem prettier than those from the rest of the season. 
Is it because I know they are the last for the year?

We have been hit with some very cold weather. 
(I think I lost my Asian Star Jamine in the Arctic Vortex.)
It hasn't been too bad of a winter but I just love spring. 

How about you? 


  1. Thank you for showing beautiful flowers in the dead of winter! I can't grow roses, either, but I don't even know how to. We had two rose bushes when we moved here, although I hesitate to call them bushes. Each produced 1 or 2 flowers a year. One year, during a very unusual warm spell in winter, one rose bloomed. It was spectacular.

  2. Since we moved here 18 months ago our plants are all still pretty new. In Oklahoma so many things are annual that are perennial here so I'm learning all the time. We had a huge rose bed with antiques at our first house. They smell wonderful but get absolutely gigantic! At this house we have dad who is a master gardener views them as over used but they are beautiful so I'm happy.

  3. We are having some of those lovely "spring like" days here in Abilene, too....and it is such a tease because I know we aren't through with winter yet! I love roses and look forward to ours blooming in a few months. The pink roses you got at the grocery store are just lovely - so lush and full! It's nice to enjoy them and dream of spring!