Monday, February 10, 2014

Crime Shows and An Ottoman

It is time to fess up. 
Have I mentioned that I love crime shows?
Not the fictional crime dramas.
Those freak me out. Nope,
 I like the real crime re-enactments.
This may sound crazy but I spent a lot of time catching up on "my stories" while Bill was traveling.  
One night I decided to slipcover our ottoman while I was binge watching. 

This is the third such cover I've made for this foot stool. We picked it up 15 years ago at a J.C. Penny outlet.
We never had the red fabric showing because I immediately covered it in a brown damask to match the sofa. A few years ago, I recovered it with a purple shower curtain because purple fabric was no where to be found.

A sign shop donated some white remnants to our school last year.  Several lengths were left over so I rescued a few pieces before they went out with the summer trash.

Do you want to make one?
Cut a rectangle slightly larger than the top of the ottoman so that you allow for the seam.

Sew purchased cord or welting around the perimeter of the top. I made covered cord.
Sew a band of fabric almost all the way around the ottoman. This band was 6.5 by 64 inches. Once I was almost all the way around, I sewed the two ends together and then finished attaching it to the top. You can see the seam in the photo below.

Finally, choose what kind of skirt you would like. 
I sewed a ruffle around the perimeter of the ottoman. 
The drop on this one was 15 inches deep. 
Read about an easy ruffle method here.

I love the flirty skirt.

Here it is in its new spot.

The cat has adopted it because it's nice and squishy after 15 years. 
Unfortunately, the cat is black.

We have some good news about Bill and his job. 
He has another new job with no travel!!
I won't need to start projects at all hours of the night and 
no more need for binge watching crime shows. 
Whoo hoo!   


  1. Oh, I love the new slipcover-gorgeous! I love real crime shows, too. (My hubby works in a crime lab, btw :)
    Congrats on Bill's new job!

  2. Oh that is just SO cute! This reiterates why I want to learn how to sew on a sewing machine. I like to watch crime shows too (the ones you like). I find them interesing, but I prefer not to watch them at night by myself. Then I become paranoid. LOL!

    1. That is what was so crazy. I would watch them when the boys were at work and Bill was out of town. Nuts-O.

  3. You did a great job on your new slipcover, Katie! I've only made cushion covers and have been afraid to attempt any kind of slipcover. You've made it look easy!

    I watch true crime shows, too, but sometimes it's too disturbing to see how cold blooded family members can be when it comes to greed! I probably wouldn't watch them if I were alone at night. Creepy!

  4. Love your newest slipcover...nicely done! So happy to hear about your husband's new job.
    Mary Alice

  5. Great job on your slipcover. I have an old ottoman that needs a facelift. Thanks for the inspiration! Oh, and I have a black cat too!

  6. You did such a great job on your slipcover.... I really like the ruffled on it do, adds some femininity to the masculine chair. It's funny my cat is light, and my coat is dark when I wore it out today i noticed how much cat hair was ALL over it, I was kind of embarrassed! I love crime shows too!

  7. The slipcover is great -- cannot go wrong with white!

  8. Great slipcover! Your talents know no bounds, Katie! And congrats to Bill on his new job. Glad he won't be away so much.