Monday, February 3, 2014

New Shelves In The Pantry

Hi Friends,
What did you do this weekend? 
Did you watch the Super Bowl or just enjoy Super Bowl food?
I just care about the food not the game. 

I worked on a little project.
Our neighborhood was built for families. 
The houses are 4 and 5 bedrooms but
some of the storage in my house was not designed for a family with three kids. 
I realized the day after we moved in 
that the pantry shelves were not spaced far enough apart to stand up a large box of cereal. 


We had to turn the boxes on the side.

Well, you would think that our first DIY would be to rebuild the pantry. 
It wasn't high on the priority list nor could we agree on the type of shelving. I wanted wood, he leaned toward an Elfa system.  
20 years later and we still had not resolved the cereal box dilemma until last night. 

We finally put our heads together to try to figure out a solution to the pantry problem. 
We went to Lowes. 
We decided to get old fashioned support rails and brackets to build narrow shelves on one of the side walls. Our pantry is not symmetrical. 
The left side has more depth than the right. (I never noticed before.)

We got Blue Hawk brand rails and brackets. They were $9.98 and $7.98 respectively. We only needed two rails. We got 8 brackets.

This is exciting!

Why? Why would we live with an inconvenience like this?

You know I had cereal all over the floor more than once in 20 years. 

The whole pantry got a sprucing up. 

I threw away the expired food. 

We had vinegar from who knows when. 

I found the chalkboard labels out at First Monday Trade Days. I spray painted the lids of my canisters red to match the gingham shelf lining. Just be sure to prime before you paint. Rust-o-leum in Regal Red is the color I chose.

I'm smitten with my baking shelf. 

I picked up the rolling pin at an antique store. 
I love, love the red handles. 

I return some duplicate wedding gifts and picked up the chicken canister 30 years ago. I had the whole set but this is the only one that survived. 
I think because it was holding cotton balls in an upstairs bathroom. 
The top needed a new coat of spray paint but now it's as good as new. These were all the rage in 1983.
I actually wouldn't mind hunting down the rest of the set. 

I replaced the shoe rack that I took out of here for the lower cabinet project.
It's perfect for holding soda, pop or cokes, depending on what part of the country you are from. 
Texans call everything coke. 
New Yorkers call it soda and my friends in Indiana call it pop. 
The shoe rack also holds coolers and lunch boxes.

We will leave the other side free of shelves so we can have some space to hang a few things. 

For some reason the door to the pantry is almost always open during the day. 

I wish it always looked like this. 

Sometimes it is the little things... 
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  1. What a cheerful pantry! Love the shelve paper and your baking shelf is wonderful! So pretty and organized!
    Miss Bloomers

  2. I love how you solved your problem! You're lucky to have such a spacious pantry. The shelves you added on the side are perfect! I could relate to the expired items. I just cleaned out my refrigerator recently and snack cabinet. Lots of things went in the trash. It feels good to clean out, but then I'm sad about having wasted so much too.

  3. I love this idea. My pantry looks very much like yous in set up so I'm going to do this same project as soon as possible!

  4. Neat and orderly...makes life a little easier. I cleaned mine out about a week ago and need to get rid of a little more so it can look more like yours. I also like your labeled containers. Great job!

  5. It looks great, Katie! Love the new shelves, and the jars, etc. look great too!

  6. What a lovely pantry! We are just bizzy with the same project, under the starecase. Lovely to see.
    Greetings from Holland

  7. Super idea, I love it. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  8. It's amazing how many years we can live with something that only takes a few hours to fix, isn't it? I love your pantry. We had an old fashioned walk-in pantry in our previous house and I wish I could have taken it with us.

  9. This is the best pantry I've ever seen! I wish I had one like this. I have so many things in my house that have needed attention for years...I'll get to them eventually, I think!